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Maps – Orientation

Map 1 : Phuket

Map 2 : Interactive Map

  1. Points in Red : Transport
  2. Points in Gray : Patong and Phuket Old Town
  3. Points in Blue : Tourist Attractions
  4. Points in Orange : Shows, Water Park
  5. Points in Green :  Beaches
  6. Points in Purple :  Big Shopping Centers

How is the Nightlife in Phuket ?

The nightlife is excellent. Still, Phuket is not famous for beach parties (full moon…) like in Koh Phi-Phi or Koh-Phangan.

There are 3 zones that are very animated at night :

Patong – Nightlife

See location of Patong Beach on the Maps above or on Google Maps.
Patong is the most animated zone at night n Phuket.

There is a walking street with many bars and many girls bars (like in Pattaya). Unlike Pattaya, there are almost no Go-Go bars here.

In front of the beach there is a night market

With many interesting foods.

There are restaurants with live shows

Even the beach itself is busy with people in the evening.

Some of the Taxis (Tuk-Tuk) offer a sort of disco while traveling

The music from these Tuk-Tuk is well heard on the streets and you need to be tolerant to the different types of music. This is the magic of Thailand.

Beside the area that is in front of the beach, there are streets more inland with bars at night.

There is a big mall that is open till 22:00 in the evening – Shopping Center- “Jungceylon”

Kata – Nightlife

See location of Kata Beach on the Maps above or on Google Maps.

Kata is the second big center of tourists in Phuket. At night the main street is full with restaurants, cafés and a night market.

Phuket Old Town

See location of Phuket Old Town on the Maps above or on Google Maps.

Phuket old town is very touristic during daytime. In the evening there are still people but little by little they return to their hotel, which is located usually in other beaches.

On Sundays, there is a night market on the main street (it becomes a walking street).

The south of the island (around Rawai) – Nightlife

Not an animated zone but there are a lot of expatriates who live here. So, some bars and restaurants are oriented towards returning customers and not towards tourists. There is Salsa dancing in the south part, almost every night. Salsa requires a stable community of dancers and not tourists.

What to Eat in Phuket ?

I will mention a few places with western cuisine because Thai cuisine and “sea food” is in abundance everywhere in Phuket.


See location of Patong Beach on the Maps above or on Google Maps.

There are a lot of Turkish and Indian restaurants on the main street of Patong. Also a lot of middle eastern restaurants.

A Turkish vegetarian meal in Patong, looks like this :

There are also a lot of Italian restaurants on the main street but not with good quality (from my own experience). They are usually not with an Italian owner, just an Italian flag.

The better restaurants are in the internal streets in Patong.

There is one excellent Italian restaurant a few streets towards inland : Pizzeria Da Moreno Patong.

The Pasta is good and the Pizza is good. Another authentic Italian restaurant on the same street is Verdi Italian Restaurant Patong.

For the morning, there is the Italian café :  Chanjaow Coffee Bakery. 

It is unbelievable but this place is like in Italy.

There is a good French bakery, on the same street (beside the Italian places mentioned before).

It is called Temptation by Vincent.

You can have your breakfast here

Phuket Old Town

See location of Phuket Old Town on the Maps above or on Google Maps.

There are a lot of Asiatic restaurants here (many Chinese, Korean and Japanese tourists like this town).

There is a Mexican restaurant called : Amore Mexican Tapas & Bar

My Burrito was OK

There is an excellent café with special ice-creams. Try the Lime flavour, it is great. The café is called Torrys.

A vegan restaurant in the old town, with basic Thai food and very cheap : Vegetarian restaurant : Nong J

The south part of the island -Rawai Zone

This zone is where many expatriates choose to live. It is not a concentrated zone but a vast area. You need to move with a motorbike (or another vehicle).

The Family Restaurant Phuket – It is a middle eastern restaurant with good Falafel, Hummus, Tehina and Salad

This restaurant has combos

Rossovivo Ristorante – A popular Italian restaurant beside “The Family Restaurant”, mentioned before.

French Patisserie – La Tarte Dorée 

Great cakes here.

On Rawai pier, there a lot of sea food restaurants with sea view.

See location of Rawai pier, on the Maps above or on Google Maps.

Kamala Beach

See location of Kamala Beach on the Maps above or on Google Maps.

Kamala beach has some good restaurants near the sand.

This is a vegetarian Massaman curry that I ate at Kamala beach.

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