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Maps – Orientation

Map 1 : Phuket

Map 2 : Interactive Map

  1. Points in Red : Transport
  2. Points in Gray : Patong and Phuket Old Town
  3. Points in Blue : Tourist Attractions
  4. Points in Orange : Shows, Water Park
  5. Points in Green :  Beaches
  6. Points in Purple :  Big Shopping Centers

Before going to the beach, don’t forget to equip yourself

Freedom Beach (a special beach)

I say that freedom beach is special because :

  1. You need to do a little trek in order to reach it (don’t panic, it is easy).
  2. The beach is in a very beautiful bay.
  3. It is close to Patong.

I would say that Freedom beach is one of the attractions of Phuket. I know someone who visited Freedom beach before the Big Buddha.
On the other hand, we don’t need to exaggerate. There are other beautiful beaches in form of a bay in Phuket (for example Nai Han Beach).

How to arrive to Freedom Beach ?

Option 1 : By the road

Freedom beach is just 3 Km south of Patong.
From the main road (between Patong and Karon), there is a “dirt road” that leads towards the sea.

At a certain point you need to park your motorbike (or another type of vehicle) and then descend to the beach (because you are at a more elevated point).

There are 2 paths for getting down :

Path 1 : A mini trek between trees. It takes about 20 minutes. Not difficult but it is better to wear shoes instead of sandals. It is free of charge.

In the photo, the point where to get down by trek

Path 2 :  This way begins a little bit farther, so it is a shorter distance to descend compared with path 1. It is a wide dirt road that goes down.

They charge 100 Baht to use path 2 (price at the time of writing).  At the end of the path, there are even stairs.

There is also a service of Jeeps that take you down (and up) for 300 Baht (price at the time of writing).

I think Path 1 is cool, a little bit of trekking.
The beach itself is very nice, the waters have a very nice color and you immediately want to swim in them.

Option 2 to arrive to Freedom Beach : By Sea – Long Tail Boat

Another option in order to arrive to Freedom beach is with a Longtail Boat from Patong beach. You will see publicity (or ask).

There are 2 café-restaurants on the sides of the beach : The restaurant on the right side is elevated and with view over the beach. There is Reggae music.

The restaurant on the left side is on the ground level. It is relatively expensive. There is good quality of fast-food.

I ate here a vegan “Pad Kra Pao” which is a very famous Thai dish. They use in this case a vegan meat.

When you return up to your motorbike, you will be very thirsty and hot (if you don’t use the service of a Jeep), so there is a stand selling juice smoothies. I can assure you that an orange smoothie tastes much better after you climb a mountain on a hot day that if you drink that smoothie in an air-conditioned mall.

Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach is more of a sightseeing than a beach to swim. There is fishing activity here + a pier + many seafood restaurants. See about Rawai Beach on Page 3 –  What to See in Phuket.

Patong Beach (+ Kalim Beach)

Patong is the most crowded beach and center of gravity of the island. Many tourists choose to stay here. See about Patong on the first page.

Just 1 or 2 Km from Patong Beach, there is Kalim Beach.

Kalim Beach is very nice and with easy access from the road.

Kamala Beach (+ Surin Beach)

Kamala beach is located north of Patong. (Most of the tourism activity in Phuket is south of Patong).

Kamala beach is one of the most normal and pleasant beaches in Phuket. Especially nice is the alley with restaurants, right on the sand. Some of the restaurants are very good.

One of the big hotels can organize you a picnic on the sand.

There are many Russians in Kamala beach. It is clear from the menus.

Note that there is a nice viewpoint over Kamala beach.

Surin Beach

Very close to Kamala beach, towards the north.

There is here a big restaurant with a view

Like in Kamala beach, there is also here an alley near the sand,  but  it is less attractive than the one in Kamala beach. I personally prefer Kamala beach.

Nai Han Beach (+ Yanui Beach)

These 2 beaches are located on the southernmost point of the island, relatively close to each other.

Nai Han Beach is relatively long but there are not many hotels close to the beach (like in Kata beach, for example). It is a beach without all the living environment.

There is an alley with some stands, right near the sand.

There is a nice viewpoint over these 2 beaches (viewpoint located on a hill).

Yanui Beach

Located on the other side of the viewpoint, near Nai Han Beach.

This beach is much smaller than Nai Han Beach

Smaller, but very beautiful.

Kata Beach (+ Karon Beach)

Kata beach is a big center in Phuket, probably the most popular place to stay after Patong. There are many hotels here and there are many restaurants on the road.

There is even an Amazon café branch.

The beach itself is big

There is an alley with stands in front of the beach

There is even a place to practice surfing.

Karon Beach

Karon is the continuation of Kata towards Patong (more north than Kata). Also here the beach is big.

Note that there is a nice viewpoint over Karon beach.

Banana Beach (+ Naithon Beach)

We are here at the north (west) of the island, close to the airport. Banana beach is very nice.

You need to park the motorbike beside the road and get down to Banana beach (just a few steps).

There are 2 café-restaurants on the sides of the beach. The quality of the food is less good than at Freedom beach or Kamala beach.

Here is a vegetarian noodles I ate

Naithon Beach

Located north to Banana beach, just 2 km away.

The beach here is even less developed than Banana beach, there is just a stand with drinks and no restaurant.

On the road, in front of Naithon Beach, there are a few businesses.

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