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What to Visit and Do around Krabi Town ?

Attractions Close to the Town

The River Promenade

The river is nice. There is the scenery of rock-mountains and there are a lot of boats. Also Kong Ka Pier is here, with speed boats to the nearby islands.

There is a nice statue of a crab

And a nice statue of a bird

If you continue on the river promenade, towards the right, you arrive to Thara Park

There is a pier here, but it is now less active (the active pier for speed boats is near the center)

The inner streets of the town have nothing special.

There are hotels here. See Page 2 – Where to Stay in Krabi Town.

Wat Kaew Korawararam – Buddhist Temple

This beautiful Buddhist temple is located in the center of the town, so it can be visited by foot.

It looks completely new

Attractions that require Transport

Wat Tham Suea – Temple on a Mountain

Located about 10 Km north to the town. No problem with a motorbike.

There is here a shrine located on a high mountain. It is a challenge to climb it.

The altitude to climb is more than 550 meters (1260 steps).

Some of the steps are very tall. Here I have taken in photo a regular 330 cc bottle of water beside a step. Of Course that you should take water with you. Also comfortable shoes.

It is better not to climb at the warmest hours of the day. On the other hand, you should not start to climb too late in order not to arrive at the summit in the dark.

It can take half an hour (or more) to climb and half an hour to descend.

Most of the people will arrive to the top

On the way to the top, you encounter this statue, that seems to say : Ok, I see you are exhausted but you will make it to the top.

When you arrive to the top, the first thing you note is a dog and you ask yourself : How did he arrive to this altitude ?

The view is nice, of course

Buildings that you saw on the ground, seems now very small

There is a golden Buddha

And a Beautiful red emerald Buddha

When you return down, you can drink a Mango smoothie. It tastes excellent after the effort of climbing.

There are also some monkeys

The site around is still in construction

At the bottom, there is the Tiger cave. It is only 1 hall.

And indeed, there is a Tiger

Before entering the hall of the cave, you need to take off your shoes

On the road back to the town, I saw an elephant. It is like this in Thailand.

Klong Jilad Pier

Located 4 Km to the south of the town.

It is the main Pier of Krabi Town.

Not necessarily a tourist attraction, but it is a nice environment.

You can visit the place and see some movements of boats and passengers

Outside the pier, there is an exhibit of military stuff

A military boat and a military airplane.

Ao-Nang and Railay Beach

Ao-Nang and Railay Beach are the 2 other main places to visit in Krabi region. There are separate pages for them.
See the page about Ao-Nang and the page about Railay Beach

More Tourist Attractions in Krabi Region

There are several beautiful places in Krabi area, with especially clear waters. See about these places in Page 3 about Ao-Nang.

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