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Tel-Aviv is known in Israel also as “the Bubble”. The reason being that Tel-Aviv has its own energetic rhythm, quite different from the rest of the country.
Take a tour with someone who is actually living in this city :

The Lifeguard at the beach

The Tel-Aviv lifeguard likes to make himself comfortable, so the tower is fully equipped with electricity, running water, satellite TV and other commodities. (I don’t think there is an elevator inside).

lifeguard tower2

Israeli Islands

I saw a big one, just in front of Tel-Aviv, with a flag on it.
Israel does not own islands, that’s why we go to visit Greece and Thailand.


Tel-Aviv buildings

This is a typical Tel-Aviv apartment building, it is built on pillars and has three or four floors:


And this is what happens when it is being renovated. There are now more and more skyscrapers in Tel-Aviv.

Tel-Aviv Beaches

There are lots of beaches in Tel-Aviv and each one has its own characteristics. This is “dog beach”, dogs are allowed in this beach. This photo was taken during a working day, but just imagine what happens on the week-ends. (A lot of dogs playing and fighting) (See Map)
Watch this Video of Tel-Aviv-Dog Beach.


Just beside, you can find more specialized beaches, and they are all close to each other. You can find a beach where family use to go, a beach where young people go, a beach for gays and lesbians and the “seperated beach” with different bathing days for men and women. Orthodox religious people use that beach. Here is the welcoming sign:

seperated beach

Gay Beach

Do you see the sun umbrellas in the photo? the Tel-Aviv municipality could not be more explicit (before, it was just the unofficial gay beach). Tel-Aviv is known to be a gay friendly destination, there is also a big gay parade held each year.

gay beach

Tel-Aviv Weather

It is hot in Tel-Aviv, very hot. You can say that winter lasts only 3 or 4 months a year, the rest are just beautiful days. July,August are very hot and humid with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celcius. The best month to visit Israel is probably October, you can still go to the beach while in Europe it begins to freeze. (More details: Weather Tel-Aviv)
This photo was taken in Tel-Aviv in December:

telaviv weather

By the way, this is Europe in December:


Fruit juices Kiosques

You can find in Tel-Aviv a lot of these fruit juices kiosques. You can choose to get your glass with a Mix of juices, so it gets complicated and for that you have a menu. This Kiosque is situated in the Shenkin street which is very popular, especially on Fridays afternoons when the week-end begins.


Outdoor Gyms

It is hot in Tel-Aviv, so why not train outside? These sports training areas are spread all over the city.


Abulafia Bakery

Situated In Jaffa (See Map), the Abulafia Bakery exists since 1879 and is very popular.
Watch this Video of a Walk in Old Jaffa.


The Yarkon Park

The Yarkon river with its park is at the North of the city, it is just a walking distance from the center. (See Map)

The “Titanic Place”

Some call it the Titanic Place. Can you guess why?
In the background you can see Jaffa. (See Map)


Electric Scooters

They have arrived also to Tel-Aviv, a lot of them. There are 4 companies of “ride sharing” with electric scooters operating in the city. You need to use an application on your smartphone. These scooters are specially useful on Shabat day when there are no buses.

Bike Paths

There are now bike paths all around the city. Watch this Video of a Bike ride along TLV Beaches and this Video that includes also the Yarkon Park.

Public renting bikes- “Metrofun”

Like Paris, Barcelona and many other cities around the world, Tel-Aviv has its own public rental bike system. There are “stations” to park the bikes, it is not possible to return a bike anywhere. Some of the bikes are electric-bikes and the rental of them is a little bit more expensive. It works with a smartphone application. See more details on their website : Metrofun.

La Boqueria

Someone must have visited lately the Boqueria market in Barcelona because from November 2010 there is something very similar (at a smaller scale) in the Tel-Aviv port area (See Map).


Rami Meiri wall drawings

There is someone drawing funny pictures on different facades of the city.
He is signing his works: Rami Meiri. It turns out he is a famous artist.


Here is another one of his paintings:


Boulevard Kiosques

The main boulevards of Tel-Aviv have a pedestrian alley just in the middle, and Coffee kiosques can be found in them. This one is in the Rothschild Bd.


Coffee Places

This is a typical café in Tel-Aviv:


There are also Coffee chains in Tel-Aviv and the most popular chain is called “Aroma”. Consider Aroma to be the Israeli Starbucks. Other coffee chains:  Arcaffe, Café Café, Landwer, Loveat, Elite, Hillel, Joe.
Here is an Aroma, at the port of Tel-Aviv:



There is free Wifi in every café that respects itself in tel-Aviv. In many cases there is even not a password to fill. The implications for you as a Tourist is that you can sit in almost any café in Tel-Aviv, with your laptop and enjoy a free Internet access. Also at the airport you can enjoy an open and free Internet access.
Visit the page about Internet and Phoning in Israel for more details.


Home-made food market

Each Friday, at Dizengoff Center there are stands selling home-made food.
In Israel, there are families coming from different origins, so expect to find very varied dishes in this market. see Map,  see Video 


Tel-Aviv Malls

There are basically three big malls in the heart of Tel-Aviv :
Dizengoff Center, TLV fashion mall and Azrieli Center which is situated right at the base of the Azrieli towers. You can visit the top floor and get a panoramic view of the city. See more on the Commercial Centers of Tel-Aviv.


Gordon Swimming-Pool

The Gordon public swimming pool was lately renovated. It was first opened in 1956. The water is Salty, taken from a 150 meter well. (See Map)


Tel-Aviv bars

Tel-Aviv is a city that never sleeps, there is “nightlife” during all week.
There are hundreds of bars and dancing clubs. Many of the bars are shaped in a “square form” so that people could see each other.
Visit the page about Tel-Aviv nightlife.

Goldstar – the national beer

This is the Israeli national beer – Goldstar.
Maccabi is also an Israeli beer but less popular. To tell you the truth, we keep manufacturing those beers just for tourists like you, we Israelis, we prefer to drink Guinness. In the bars of Tel-Aviv you can find many types of draught beer from around the world. In the recent years there are also many Israeli  “Boutique Beers” like AlexanderMalkaPavoDancing CamelJem’sGolanLibira and Aela. Israel is also a producer of many good wines, but that’s another story.


Night Shopping

If you don’t want to dance at night, you can always go and buy your groceries. Some supermarkets are open 24 hours a day. I saw a sign in one of them saying:  “We are open also during the day”.



This kind of Kiosque is called “Pitzutzia”. The Israeli “Pitzutzia” is opened 24 hours a day and you can find in it anything a human being may need in the  middle of the night, including all kind of cigarettes.


Typical Israelis

This is the typical girl you can see in the streets of Tel-Aviv :


And this is the typical Tel-Aviv guy:


(By the way, both models were born in Israel)

Tel-Aviv Scooters

There are not many rainy days in Tel-Aviv, so it is a perfect city for motorcycles. In Tel-Aviv, motorcycles are always first in the traffic lights.


City Hall place – Rabin square

This is the City Hall square of Tel-Aviv (See Map). Important national speeches and demonstrations are held in this place. If you want to demonstrate for peace or against peace, you should come here. See this Video of a demonstration.


This is the old City-Hall, it is situated in the south of Tel-Aviv.
Nicer, no? (See Map)


Kipur Day in Tel-Aviv

Kipur day is the “Super-Shabat” of judaism.
In Tel-Aviv, on Kipur day there are lots of bicycles and no car traffic.
Paradoxically, this is the most dangerous day to ride a bike because there are lots of inexperienced riders on the roads.
Watch this Video of Tel-Aviv on Kipur day and this one filmed from a bike.


High Tech Zones

The Computering Industry is Israel number one export and there are high-tech zones in and around the city. These areas have also restaurants and pubs and so they are also active at night. (Some engineers are so dedicated to their work that they prefer to stay close to their workplace even when they drink a beer).


Atahana- The “Station”

This entertainment area was opened during 2010 in the place that was once the train station of Jaffa (See Map). The trains from this station went to Jerusalem and the 65 km journey took more than four hours. Now the station is a site with cafes, restaurants and pubs and is one of the places to go out at night. Watch this Video, it includes the “Station”.


Sarona leisure area

Another leisure area with cafés and restaurants that was inaugurated in 2014, it is located near the Azrieli towers (See Map). It was until recently part of the “Kiria”, the Israeli army headquarters (and before that, a Templer colony). The Israel army headquarter is still there, on the other side of the road, so you will see a few soldiers while eating a pizza with beer.

Sarona tel aviv

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