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Maps – Orientation

Map 2 – Center of Hua Hin

Map 3 – Hua Hin – Interactive Map

  1. Points in Red – Transport
  2. Points in Blue – Attractions
  3. Points in Green – Shopping

What are the Priorities to Visit ?

All the tourist attractions mentioned on the following pages are worth a visit, but I will still recommend five “not to miss” attractions :

  1. If you want to be among wild monkeys, then visit Wat Khao Takiap or Khao Hin Lek Pai (or better, visit both). The first place has a view over the beach of Hua Hin and the second one, a view over the town center. They are both close to the city, so very easy to reach.
  2. Wat Huay Mongkol has a unique and impressive giant Buddha statue. The statue is very detailed. The Buddhist environment of the place is very nice. About 19 Km from the city center.
  3. Phraya Nakhon Cave is an adventure. It is a very nice cave near the sea, but you have to climb 2 hills in order to arrive to it. Far from the town center (about 51 Km) but worth it.
  4. Mangrove environments are great. If you never visited one, it is a must visit. Even if you did, it is always interesting to see the crabs in the mud. There are 2 Mangroves walks in Hua Hin : Mangrove forest walk near Pran Kiri Beach and Mangrove Forest Park near the previous royal palace Mrigadayavan. Both are beautiful and near beautiful beaches. I would visit the first one mentioned, first. Located 20 Km from the center.
  5. Something unique – a boat trip on a lake full of Lotus leaves – Thung Sam Roi Yot. This is special. Personally, I was never before in such an environment. Located 42 Km from the center, on the way to the Phraya Nakhon Cave.

What to Visit and Do in Hua Hin ?

1. The old Railway Station

A very cute railway station that exists more than 100 years. Located in the town center.

It is a very small railway station

Here are the counters for buying tickets

Hua Hin is a stop on the railway between Bangkok and the south of Thailand (the islands, for example).

At the time of writing the station is still active, and you may arrive to it if you choose to travel by train. A new railway station is in construction, just above the old one. They try to give the new station a certain architecture based on the old one. The new station will have a new rail that will reduce the travel time between Hua Hin and Bangkok.

They have promised to keep the old station, at least as a museum, maybe even active for some lines.

The train station is such an important symbol for the town of Hua Hin that there are objects and signs, based on this station, all over the city.

How to arrive ?

2. Beaches

Hua Hin is a city located directly on the beach and there are many kilometers of beaches. In many cases, the beaches are located near tourist attractions that you will visit anyway, so after you visit the attraction, you can visit the beach.  It is specially true for some attractions south of the city. The sand in Hua Hin beaches is very white and the waters are usually calm and good for swimming.

Here are some of the beaches around Hua Hin :

Hua Hin Beach

This is the beach in the center of town. Your hotel will probably be in this area (see where to stay) , so you will also be at a walking distance to this beach.

There are horses here. An authorized worker will propose you to make a ride on his horse.

It is good for the photos.

The beach here is characterized by many hotels. It is the center of town, after all.
You can walk on the beach, from the center and till the huge commercial center Market Village (just a proposal). It is 1.2 Km.

Location of the beach : 0 Km from the town center. See location on Google Maps.

Sai Noi Beach

Located near the attraction : Khao Tao lake and Wat Tham Khao Tao temple.

Location of the beach : 15 Km from the town center. See location on Google Maps.

Pran Kiri Beach

Located near the attraction : Mangrove forest walk

Location of the beach : 20 Km from the town center. See location on Google Maps.

Khao Kalok Beach

The beach is an attraction by itself  (very nice). There is a hill at the side of the beach. It is possible to climb on the hill and there is a nice view.

Location of the beach : 30 Km from the town center. See location on Google Maps.

Bang Pu Beach + Phraya Nakhon little beach

Located near the attraction : Nakhon cave.

View from the hill :

Location of the beach : 50 Km from the town center. See location on Google Maps.

Sam Roi Yot Beach

Located near the attraction : Nakhon cave.

This beach is located on the way to Nakhon Cave. Very beautiful area. It seems that some expatriates have chosen to live here.

Location of the beach : 43 Km from the town center. See location on Google Maps.

3. Shopping Centers and Night Markets

There are 5 places of interest regarding shopping and recreation :

The mall “Market Village”

My preferred spot in the mall are the massage chairs.

There is a pedestrian bridge that goes over the main street and connects the mall and the beach. Cool !!

How to arrive ?

The mall “Bluport”

Modern and located on the main road (like Market Village mall). It seems to be a little bit less popular than Market Village mall.

Sometimes, there are live shows, in front of the mall.

How to arrive ?

The night markets (mentioned in the nightlife section)

See the nightlife section, for location of the night markets.

4. The Town Center

Look at Map 2 above. Make a walking tour in the town center.
Some points in the town center :

1. The old train station (was mentioned before).

2. The night market (was mentioned in the nightlife section)

3. Hua Hin beach (was mentioned before)

4. The municipality building:

5. And there is also a police station in the town center, on the street that leads to Hua Hin beach.

5. Wat Khao Takiap – Temple with Monkeys

A temple on a hill with a lot of monkeys.

After climbing a few steps, you arrive to a small temple

There is a panoramic view over the beach.

The monkeys are used to humans. If you are not disturbing the monkeys, they will not disturb you. People are giving them food, from time to time.

I found contradictory signs about feeding the monkeys. One sign asked not to feed the monkeys

Another sign, was more liberal. It asked not to feed the monkeys after 17:00.

There are also other animals in this site. This is a pig living in the café.

And here is a horse

And a lot of dogs, that live peacefully with the monkeys.

When I returned to my motorbike, I was glad to find a monkey sitting on it.

Later, I discovered that the monkey was busy doing something on the comfortable seat of the motorbike

No problem, there are a lot of 7 Eleven stores in Thailand, and they have the right equipment for cleaning the mess.

At the bottom of the hill, there is a nice bay, with fishing activity

Fish and sea creatures are sold here. Some monkeys from the hill are visiting the shops and trying to steal food.

How to arrive ?

6. Wat Huay Mongkol – Big Buddha

A very beautiful statue of a Thai monk that lived 400 years ago.

The statue is tall and you can see many details of the old man. You see even his veins on the upper body.

It is a religious place and people are praying.

Some people are donating money

Some people are clinging small coins on statues.

And religious items are sold

There is a restaurant in this site and as a vegetarian, I could only eat rice (a little bit disappointing, for a Buddhist place).

In the compound, I saw this sign, so I followed it

I arrived to a farm, where a man urged me to buy some animal food

And I enjoyed distributing it.

How to arrive ?

7. Rajabhakti Park – Big Statues

There are here 7 huge statues depicting previous Thai Kings. The statues are made of Bronze.

It is a project of the Thai army and it has national symbolism, so the place is very organized.

There is a free shuttle bus from the parking to the statues, or you can walk, it is not a long distance.

It is called a park but there is no park activities here, only these statues (which are very beautiful).

A lot of space for the motorbike, at the parking.

How to arrive ?

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