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Maps – Orientation

Map 1 :  Ao-Nang

Map 2 :  Krabi Zone

Map 3 : Interactive Map

  1. Points in Red : Transport
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  3. Points in Green :  Beaches

What to Visit and Do in Ao-Nang ?

At a walking Distance

The Beach Promenade and the Hill with Monkeys

The beach promenade of Ao-Nang is quite nice. If you look towards the sea and walk towards the left, then the beach promenade is a walking street. There are cute cafés.

After about 0.6 Km, there is a hill. At the foot of this hill there are monkeys (if the monkeys are in the right mood, they are here).

The hill is easy to climb. After about 10 minutes of climbing, you descend to the other side.

On the other side of the hill, there is a semi private beach called Pai Plong Beach.

It is private because a luxurious resort is occupying the beach.

When you descend from the hill to the private beach, a guard make you sign your name. They want to have records of the visitors.

The beach is very nice. You see the rocks of Railay beach. Railay beach is very close to here, but can be reached only by boat.

You can return to Ao-Nang via the hill or pay for a service of long tail boats.

You can also spend the day using the facilities of the resort, like the swimming pool and the kayaks, but you need to pay for that.

Ao-Nang Pier

You can walk from the center to the pier. It is a distance of about 2 Km. You walk along a road in front of the beach (or even on the sand).

The area of the pier is quite nice.

There is also a national park

Attractions that Require Transport

Mountain Buddha Temple

  • See location on Google Maps and on the Maps above.
  • Located at a road distance of 3.5 Km from the center of Ao-Nang

The climb is easy. About 10 minutes. If you visit this place after having climbed Wat Tham Suea, near Krabi Town, then this one seems super easy.
Note that the stairs in the middle are taller than the stairs on the sides, so climb on one of the sides if you want it to be super easy.
The view from the top is nice

There is a golden Buddha, at the top.

And some statues of monks who look very experienced and clever

Along the stairs, there are a lot of nice statues

At the bottom, there is a sort of game that seems to have to do with luck

Krabi Town and Railay Beach

Krabi Town and Railay Beach are the 2 other main places to visit in Krabi region. There are separate pages for them.
See the page about Krabi Town and the page about Railay Beach

There is an important attraction near Krabi Town, the temple on a mountain Wat Tham Suea. The town itself is also an attraction. In Railay Beach the attraction is the general beautiful view.

Tranport to Railay Beach and Krabi Town

Klong Root (Clear Water Canal)

A wonderful place, with a river that has very transparent waters + the typical rock-mountain scenery in the background.

It is possible to see the big fish in the transparent waters.

The main activity here is kayaking, but you can also swim

I didn’t do kayaking. I interacted with a cat, in the parking

Sa Kaeo – A Blue Pond

A small lake with wonderful color of water. I was almost alone here. No tourists.

I couldn’t believe when the guard told me the depth of this lake.  240 meters !! Yes, I asked again and again and this is the number I was told. It is permitted to swim here.

There are also 2 caves to visit. Just the entrance of them.

The entry price is 100 Baht (price at the time that I am writing).

Thapom Klong Song Nam

This place consists of a walk between Mangrove trees and very clear waters (as typical for the region)

You walk on a wooden bridge, for about 15 minutes

On the way, there are zones where it is permitted to swim. On other zones a sign says : forbidden to swim here.

The entry price is 100 Baht (price at the time that I am writing).

Shell Cemetery

A lot of publicity is made for this place on the road signs. The place has an archeological significance. It is a beach that contains layers of fossils of millions of years. There are 3 problems with this place :

  1. Visually, there is nothing spectacular (or beautiful) on this beach. You don’t feel the fossils.
  2. The few exhibits that exist are very limited in size and explanations.
  3. There is an entry price of 200 Baht for foreigners (price at the time of writing)

So, read opinion of visitors on Google Maps and decide if you want to visit. It is relatively close to Ao-Nang.

Long Distance Attractions

These attractions are about 70 Km from Ao-Nang. It may be too much for a motorbike.

Emerald Pool

It is like the pond that I have mentioned before (deep, very blue waters). But this one is very touristic. Visitors complain that it is too crowded.

Hot Stream Krabi

A nice place with water but far from Ao-Nang. (close to the Emerald Pool)

Wat Maha That Wachiramongkol (Wat Bang Thong)

A beautiful famous Buddhist temple, but far from Ao-Nang.

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