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Maps – Orientation

Map 1 :  Railay Beach

Map 2 :  Krabi Zone

Map 3 : Interactive Map

  1. Points in Red : Transport
  2. Points in Blue : Tourist Attractions
  3. Points in Green :  Beaches

What to Visit in Railay Beach ?

Let’s look again at Map 1 :

The 3 Beaches of Railay

The main attraction in Railay is the beautiful landscape. It is a small place and you just walk on the beach and admire the rock-mountains, which are typical to the region.

  1. The West Beach (the main Beach)
  2. The East Beach (the pier is here)
  3. Phra-Nang Beach

The west beach is the main beach of Railay. It is especially beautiful at sunset. People sit on the sand and simply enjoy the moment.

The beach is suitable for swimming.

The east beach is on the opposite site. Here is located the artificial floating pier. This beach has less space for swimming. There are corners with mangrove trees and there are sea tides. It is beautiful to walk here.

Phra-Nang Beach is accessible via a trail located at the south of The east beach. There are caves and rocks scenery along the trail (it is just 5 minutes walk).

Along the trail, you may see interesting monkeys with strange big eyes.

The beach itself is very nice. It is the less visited by tourists compared to the other 2.

There is a cave on the side of the beach (not supposed to be visited) .

Diamond Cave

See location of the Diamond Cave on Google Maps or on the Maps above.

The cave is located in the center of Railay. It is considered a natural reserve, so they charge foreigners 200 Baht to visit it (price at the time of writing).

The cave is small and it has stalactites. I was out in less than 8 minutes.

Is it worth to visit the cave ? It depends how many caves you have seen in your life. This cave has nothing special. I visited big caves in Phong-Nha, Vietnam and this one is very basic.
The good part was that the guard gave me 2 small bananas. Good and sweet bananas.

There are monkeys on the way to the cave.

Climbing Course

It is a popular activity in the zone of Krabi and in Railay in particular. There are mountain-rocks around.

There are a few operators in Railay. You will see them.

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