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Maps – Orientation

Map 1 : Phuket

Map 2 : Interactive Map

  1. Points in Red : Transport
  2. Points in Gray : Patong and Phuket Old Town
  3. Points in Blue : Tourist Attractions
  4. Points in Orange : Shows, Water Park
  5. Points in Green :  Beaches
  6. Points in Purple :  Big Shopping Centers

What to Visit in Phuket  ?- Part 1

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Patong is the most crowded beach and center of gravity of the island. See about Patong on the first page.

Phuket Old Town

See location of Phuket Old Town on the Maps above or on Google Maps. See possible ways of Transport in Phuket, on the first page.

See the following Map of Phuket Old Town :

Note that when you travel on the island, the road signs to the town of Phuket will simply state :”Phuket” (instead of “Phuket old town”).

A cute small town with colorful small houses. The center of the town is more a touristic place than a residential place. Chinese and Korean tourists adore this town and they arrive as groups with big buses.

There are a lot of sophisticated food stands with ice creams and fruits and cakes.

Nice small cafés.

Many of the restaurants are Asiatic restaurants.

There is not a special monument or museum to visit here, just to stroll in the nice streets and admire the colorful buildings. Also Some good restaurants here.

Still, there is one building that draw the attention. The Ancient building in Sino-European style. See location on Google Maps.

Also a nice statue of a dragon near the river (Hai Leng Ong Statue). See location on Google Maps.

And a clock tower, which is nicely illuminated at night (Surin Circle Clock Tower). See location on Google Maps.

You can buy souvenirs from one of the many shops

Take note of Torry’s Ice Cream.

They have great artisanal ice-cream with special flavors. Especially good flavor is the Lime-Honey.

On Sunday evening, the main street becomes a “walking street” and there are a lot of visitors.

You may be interested in one of the bars at night

Near Phuket Old Town

Saphan Hin Seaside Walkway (A Park)

This park is located very close to Phuket Old Town. Just 2.5 Km

The right side of Phuket doesn’t have beaches like the left side, but you can still admire the sea in a place like this.

A river near the park

Also near Phuket Old Town :

The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha is the main attraction of Phuket (except the beautiful beaches), so don’t miss it.

The Big Buddha is located on a mountain, and there is a road, you don’t need to climb by foot (although there are always sportive people climbing by foot or with a regular bike).

The Big Buddha (color white)  is big : 45 meters tall and 25 meters wide. It was finished in 2019 (some constructions in the complex are still going on).

It is a Buddhist environment, so there are a lot of shrines,

and drums

and explanations about Buddhism and the place.

You can practice a guided meditation

And receive the benediction of a monk

The platform around the Buddha is big and there is a wonderful view over the area and especially over the bay of Chalong (the big Buddha is facing the bay).

If you will look carefully at the following photo, you will spot the pier of Chalong (in the middle of the photo)

The entrance to the complex is free of charge. There are drinks to buy and ice-creams but there is not a big café style Starbucks. The cellular reception on my smartphone was null but maybe it was just my cellular company.
Apparently, there are sometimes monkeys visiting the place. I didn’t see any.

Of course, that you must be dressed modestly in a religious place.

On the way up the mountain, you will see an elephant camp. You can ride on an elephant or just give the elephants bananas and take a picture (you need to pay for that).

There are many elephant camps in Phuket, I list them on the next page.

Beside elephant riding, you can also rent a mini tractor and climb with it towards the Big Buddha.

There are also cafés with view along the road to the Big Buddha.

These cafés know how to attract clients :

Wat Chalong – Chaithararam Temple

This is the second most important attraction in Phuket (after the Big Buddha). It is located quite close the the mountain with the Big Buddha, so you can visit both of them the same day, if you wish.

It is a Buddhist temple. There are several beautiful structures in the compound.

but the most important structure is the Pagoda of Wat Chalong.

You need to take off your shoes and you can visit the interior. Of course that you need to be dressed modestly

It is very nice inside.

Also the view from upstairs is nice.

Some elephants, with the trunk up, for luck.

Cats (and dogs) adore temples.

The entrance to Wat Chalong is free of charge (at the time of writing).

The Beaches of Phuket (including Freedom Beach)

There are many beautiful beaches in Phuket but there is 1 beach that is especially beautiful and a sort of an adventure to reach it : Freedom beach. Located quite close to Patong.

See page 5 for the beaches of Phuket, including the special beach – Freedom Beach.

Chalong Pier

Located not far from the 2 main attractions of the island (The Big Buddha and Wat Chalong).

This is not the main pier of Phuket (the main pier is Rassada and it is from the main pier that you take a boat to Koh Phi Phi, Krabi etc).

Chalong pier is a small pier for tourist excursions to small islands and for snorkeling. You can ask in the travel agencies for excursions in the sea.

The area is nice. You can walk on the long pier (less fun when the sun is super hot). The small lighthouse is quite a symbol of the place.

The Pier of Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach is located on the bottom part of the island

There is fishing activity here and there are many sea food restaurants with a view over the sea

There is also a pier in which it is possible to walk

There are impressive tides here. It is recommended to visit at sunset.

It may be possible to swim on the sides of the beach, but it is a fishing zone, there are better beaches on the island for swimming.

On the road, in front of the beach, there is a nice Starbucks.

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