What to Visit and Do in Pai, Thailand ?

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Maps – Orientation

Map 2 – Center of Pai

Map 3 – Pai – Interactive Map

What to Visit and Do in Pai ?

1. The Town Center + the River

Look at Map 2, above.

From the walking street, cross the bridge (by foot) and make a tour in the fields between the Bungalows and along the river.

You can return to town via another bridge

2. Pai Canyon

This is a “sunset place”. Most of the visitors are arriving here at sunset time. There is even a sign stating the actual sunset time.

As you can see from the photos, it is a very scenic area.

In the distance, there are mountains and the canyon itself is an area with colorful sands.

You can walk on narrow trails and climb to different view points.

It helps to be a mountain-goat in this place. If you are human, bring normal shoes and not flip-flop sandals.

It is an easy visit. Most visitors don’t walk. They just sit at the entry point and watch the sunset.

The entrance is free. There are vendors of drinks at the entrance.

How to arrive ?

3. Bamboo Bridge

A Bamboo bridge that was built on agriculture fields.

It is long, almost 1 Km (820 meters).

You may see Bufallos, near the bridge

It is very hot here during the day.

At the end of the bridge you arrive to a nice temple.

Make a zoom on the following photo and see what is written on the sign, at the bottom. Don’t be so surprised, it is common in religious environments.

Because of the heat, you will be happy to return to the start point and find a wonderful café with iced Smoothies drinks.

Climb to the terrace of the café, there is a wonderful view.

There is a small entry fee to the Bamboo Bridge.

How to arrive ?

The way to the Bamboo Bridge is quite nice :

The Buffalos are great

Note : There is also a Zipline activity near the area of the Bamboo bridge. Pai Zipline

4. Big Buddha

A big Buddha situated on a hill

The place is located close to the center of Pai. You can even walk till here.

There are a few steps to climb, not too much

There are 2 lions on the side of the steps

The place closes officially at 18:00

How to arrive ?

5. Viewpoint – Yun Lai

A nice viewpoint but not amazing.

As always, there is a point, where people like to take pictures

There is a tree with items for luck

There is a small entrance fee to the main garden.

If you want to avoid the fee, you can sit in the nearby café, there is more or less the same scenery around (but you’ll pay the coffee here).

How to arrive ?

Cows that I met on the way to the View Point :

6. Santichon Village – Chinese themed Park

You will see this place, on the way to the Yun Lai Viewpoint, mentioned before.

A very artificial place.

You can make nice photos here and people may think you have visited an exotic place.

I guess this place is good for a movie set.

You can buy a drink here

How to arrive ?

7. Cave – Nam Lod

This is a relatively far destination, close to the border with Myanmar. About one and a half hour ride with a motorbike (50 Km).

The cave is very nice, it is a cave with stalactites and a lake and even bats.

The entry costs 600 Baht (price at the time of writing) for up to 3 people.
It means that if you are alone you will pay 600 Baht. If you are a couple, you will split 300 Baht each.

You can only enter the cave with a guided tour (included in the entry price).

The guide will show you nice formations with the stalactites (here is an elephant, here is pop-corn…).

The guide uses a gas lantern instead of an electronic torch

Apparently for reasons of tradition and for not damaging the stalactites with white light.

In my case, a dog accompanied us in the tour

The dog seems to be used to the cave

But sadly, when we were on the point of getting on a boat, the dog didn’t join and returned outside of the cave.

The sail on the boat inside the cave is very nice

There are big fish in the waters and you can buy fish food and give them

If you have no fish food, just enjoy the ride on the boat and watch the cave formations and the bats. There are many bats in the cave and they make a lot of dirt, so think which trousers you want to bring to the cave. Short trousers are fine, it is not cold inside.

The cave has some history of course. There are wooden coffins, which were found in the cave and dating of thousands of years.

The visit in the cave takes about 1 hour and a half.  I met the dog, outside the cave.

At the end of the visit you can eat lunch in one of the restaurants (very basic Thai food).

How to arrive ?

There are some curves on the way to the cave

8. Tubing on the River

Like in Vang Vieng (Laos), also here there is a river, there are backpackers and there is tubing.

You will see some publicity for this kind of group activity.

Very fun.

If you don’t want to get wet, just be at the right moment on the bridge near the walking street and watch the tubers passing below you.

How to arrive ?

The organizers will take you to the starting point.

9. Waterfalls and Hot Springs

Mo Pang Waterfall

The waterfall is located exactly after the entrance, so you don’t need to walk a lot (just 4 minutes).

It is a nice waterfall and it is possible to slide into the central pool.

Unfortunately, the waters at the pools have a brown color.

Entrance fee is 100 Baht. It is cheap compared to Pam Bok Waterfall.

How to arrive ?

More Waterfalls :

Tip : You don’t have to visit all the existing waterfalls on earth.

Pam Bok Waterfall

Entrance here is 400 Baht.

Visitors are complaining that it is too expensive and the waterfall is almost dry in the dry season.

How to arrive ?

Mae Yen Waterfall

This is an advanced option because there is a hike of 2 to 3 hours before arriving to the waterfall itself. So do it only after you have visited everything else in Pai.

How to arrive ?

Hot Springs around Pai

  1. Tha Pai Hot Spring – About 8 Km from the Center of Pai. See location on Google Map
  2. Sai Ngam hot spring –  About 16 Km from the Center of Pai. See location on Google Map
  3. Pai Hotsprings Spa Resort – About 7 Km from the Center of Pai. See location on Google Map

10. Cafés with views

There are nice cafés with views in the suburbs of Pai. For example Coffee in love.

The café is located on the road to Chiang Mai. They have cakes.

How to arrive ?

11. Massage

Like in all Thailand, you can get a massage also in Pai. Just an addition to the general relax of Pai.

Some people feel the urge also to make a Tattoo, in a place like Pai

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