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How to Arrive to Chatuchak Market ?

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By Skytrain (BTS) or Metro (MRT) : This is the best way to arrive to Chatuchak because you avoid traffic jams. The Skytrain and the Metro have a station at Chatuchak market.

  • Skytrain station : Mochit.
  • Metro station : Chatuchak Park.
  • See a Metro Map (Map 1) at the top of the page.
  • See info about the Metro and the Skytrain on the Metro page.

With the Skytrain, the market is just 9 stations from Siam Center (you will probably not have a place to sit inside the train, there are always a lot of people going to the market).
Note : In the afternoon, on the return way, there are many people trying to buy a ticket for the skytrain. Avoid this queue by having a ticket in advance. See the Skytrain page.

By Bus : Use the App Google Maps or Moovit to know which bus arrives from your place.
By Taxi :Try to make the driver use the taxi-meter.
By Tuk-Tuk : You need to negotiate with the driver. It should cost, more or less like a Taxi.


Chatuchak Park

When you will get out of the Metro station (or Skytrain), on your way to the market, you will probably pass through Chatuchak Park (see Map 2, above). That’s nice. You will especially appreciate the park, on your way back, in the afternoon, when you will be exhausted from the market.

The main road in the Market

There is a circular road inside the market (see Map 2, above). It is about 1.3 Km long.

From the main road, there are many small alleys (in Thailand, the alleys are called Soi).

There are also 3 Malls in the Market (buildings)

Look at Map 2, above. There are 3 Malls, around the Market. The malls are very convenient for cooling yourself from the heat.

The signs

The market is divided into sections and in each section there are small alleys (Soi).
At the ceiling, there are signs indicating the Section number and the Soi.

If you like a product in the market and you are not sure if you want to buy it, then take a photo of the sign. Like this, you will be able to return to the vendor. Theoretically, you will be able to return but from my personal experience, you will be too exhausted and you will return home.

Useful Info and advice

When is the market active ?

It is called a week-end market and indeed it is mainly active on Saturdays and Sundays. On the other days of the week, the malls (buildings) may be open. As for the regular stands in the open air, there are only a limited number of them, during the week. So for the authentic experience of Chatuchak Market, you should arrive during the week-end.
Normally, the market operates until 18:00. There are attempts to make it animated also in the evening.

What is the size of the market ?

It is huge. It may be the biggest “sky open” market in the world. Look a Map 2, above. The left, vertical side is about 500 meters long. The main road (circular road) is about 1.3 Km long. There are more than 10,000 stands and vendors in the market.

Meeting point

You can easily get lost in the market. A possible meeting point (that you should agree beforehand with your friends) is the clock tower, which is located quite in the center of the market.

Here in the photo, is the clock tower as seen from the top floor of the Mixt mall.

Shipping Companies

There are many offices of shipping companies in the market (DHL etc).

If you intend to buy heavy and voluminous items, it may be a good idea to ship them home, directly from the market, instead of taking them with you on the trip in South East Asia.


It is usually a very good bargain to buy stuff in this market (see possible items on the second page). The market in China Town may be cheaper for small gadgets. The Platinium Fashion mall in Pratunam, may be cheaper for some clothes. Overall, it is difficult to beat the prices and the choice of Chatuchak.

The Bags

You don’t need to bring a bag to the market. You can buy one in the market (it is a market, after all). There are big and strong bags, which are very popular in Thailand. They are also cheap.


There are toilets a little bit everywhere in the Market. Just remember, that there are also 3 malls (buildings) and also in them, there are toilets.


In the Mixt mall (see Map 2, above), there are Massage chairs. It is very cool to use them. They are not expensive at all (you choose the duration of time). 5 minutes on one of these chairs and you will feel as new and you’ll be able to continue to explore new sections in the market.

There are also massages made by persons (in different locations in the market)

What not to miss in Chatuchak market ?

The animal section. See it on the second page.

What is there to buy in Chatuchak ?

See it on the second page.

What to eat in Chatuchak ?

There are eateries a little bit everywhere in the Market.

Mostly, it is Thai food.

There is also some international cuisine. For example this Spanish Paella (located in the circular road)

Or this cuban fiesta, with Mojitos

I even found a French person, with real French patisserie

If you want an air conditioned restaurant, then head to one of the 3 malls (buildings). In the buildings, there are restaurants and there is a food court at the top floor.

It is nice to eat at the food court.and watch the market from above.


There are plenty of juices sold in the market. Especially orange juice and Coco juice. Strangely, the water bottles are slightly more expensive than at a the 7 Eleven stores.

The Vegetarian Restaurant – A community restaurant

If you are vegetarian or vegan, you may feel a little bit frustrated at Chatuchak market. You can manage to eat a vegetarian Pad-Thai in one of the eateries, but overall, there is little choice.
Thankfully, there is a dedicated restaurant, a wonderful veg place to eat. It is located behind the Vintage mall (the red building).

See it on Map 2, above or on Google Map.

The place is managed by a vegetarian Buddhist community. The prices are very cheap. You buy a voucher at the counter, for the sum you want to use. If you are left with credit at the end of the meal, you can get a refund at the counter.

Some dishes are more tasty than others. Try to ask for the spring roll that you see on the following picture (they are somehow hidden).

There is free water.

Note that the restaurant is closing very early. At 13:00, there are already dishes missing and they are beginning to clean.

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