Bangkok – Tourist Useful Information – Frequently Asked Questions

star For an Overview, a Guided Tour of Bangkok see This Page.


In Which Zone to Stay in Bangkok and How to reserve an hotel ?

See the page : Where to stay in Bangkok for an overview of the possible zones where you can stay in Bangkok with advantages and disadvantages of each one.
You can reserve an hotel for Bangkok here, on Booking.

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai ?

See it in the page about Chiang Mai.

Where to Stay in Pattaya ?

See it in the page about Pattaya.

Where to Stay on the Thai Islands ?

See it in the page about the Islands of Thailand.

How to reserve an Hotel for Thailand ?

See the reservation page.


What can I do and visit in Bangkok during the day ?

Visit the page : What to Visit in Bangkok ?

Where are the Nightlife zones in Bangkok (for bars and dancing clubs) ?

See the page about Bangkok Nightlife.

Where are the Red Light Districts in Bangkok ?

See this in the page : Go-Go Bars in Bangkok.

Is there a Bike Tour in Bangkok ?

Yes, there are lately a lot of bike tours in Bangkok.
One popular bike tour is Co Van Kessel, they are located near the Sheraton hotel, pier number 3 of the Chao Phraya river boats.
Another tour, that starts at the Khaosan area : Velo Thailand.
More bike tours : Follow Me and Grasshopper Adventures.
Most companies offer also a night tour which is not a bad idea because it is quite hot in Bangkok during the day.

Where can I dance Salsa in Bangkok ?

See this in the page Bangkok Nightlife – Dancing Salsa.

How many days should I dedicate to Bangkok ?

See this on the page : What to visit and do in Bangkok.

Which Island to Visit from Bangkok and how to arrive ?

See this in the Islands page.

What to visit in Chiang Mai ?

See this in the Chiang Mai page.

What to do in Pattaya city ?

See this in the Pattaya page.


Where are the Commercial Centers and Markets in Bangkok ?

See the page about the shopping in Bangkok.

Are shops open during the week-ends and feasts in Bangkok ?

See this in the page about the shopping in Bangkok.

Is there a VAT Refund (Tax) for shopping in Thailand ?

See this in the page about the shopping in Bangkok.


How can I get from the Airport to Center Bangkok ?

Visit the page:  How to get from the airport to different places in Bangkok.
Visit the page about the Train to the airport.

What types of public Transport exist in Bangkok ?

See the page about the Transport.

How can I reserve a Flight, Train, Bus, Hotel in Thailand ?

Visit the page about the Reservations.

Where are the Bus Central Stations in Bangkok ?

See this in the Bus page.

Where is the Train Central Station in Bangkok ?

See location on the page about the Train Station.

Can I rent a motorbike (scooter) in Bangkok ?

See this in the Transport page – motorbike.

Do I need a motorbike licence in Thailand ?

See this in the Transport page – motorbike license.

How to get from the Khaosan road to center Bangkok (and other destinations in town) ?

See this page : How to get from and to the Khaosan (airport, town center…)
See the Khaosan Survival Guide
See Map Khaosan area.
See more about Bangkok Transport

What is the best way of transport in Bangkok ?

Read about it, in the Transport page.

What are the driving distances from Bangkok to other cities in Thailand ?

See this in the Transport page – distances.

What is the Flight time to Bangkok ?

See this in the Transport page – flight time.

Weather + Feasts

What is the weather in Bangkok ?

See this in the Climate  page

What is the best time to visit Bangkok ?

See this in the Climate  page

When is school vacation in Thailand ?

See this in the Climate  page


How big is Bangkok ?

Population: There are about 12 million people in Bangkok, it is the capital of Thailand and the largest city. (Greater Bangkok area has 15 million inhabitants).
Size: To get an idea:
From the big Palace (or Khaosan road) to the center of town (MBK mall) it is about 5 Km. Usually, you need to use some kind of transport to get from one tourist attraction to the other.

Where can I find a Map of Bangkok ?

Look here, the map page.
Also, when you arrive at Bangkok airport, look around you, there are stands with excellent free maps of Bangkok.


How much does it cost to visit Bangkok ?

See this on the Bangkok Cost Page.

Is it easy to exchange Money in Bangkok ?

Yes, very easy.
Visit the Bangkok Cost Page.

Can I pay in Bangkok in foreign currency like with the Dollar ?

See this on the Bangkok Cost Page.


See the page about the safety.

Internet and Calls

How is the Internet in Thailand ?

Visit the page : Calling and using Internet in Thailand.

What is the cheapest way to make International phone calls ?

Visit the page : Calling and using Internet in Thailand.


Do I need a Visa in order to visit Thailand ?

See about this issue in the Visa page.

Where can I find Vegetarian Food in Bangkok ?

See the page : How to Survive as a Vegetarian in Center Bangkok

How can I find a good Restaurant in Bangkok ?

For restaurants in Bangkok you can look at this TripAdvisor Restaurant guide.
Note: Bangkok is known for its very developed street food eateries.

Which Electric Plug is used in Thailand ?

The voltage in Thailand is 220 Volt and the plug is usually a 3 flat socket but the best is to be equipped with an International plug adapter when you travel. Just remember that the adapter will not convert the voltage, so make sure your electronic device is also suitable for 220 Voltage.

Do Thais speak English ?

Thais who deal with tourists do speak a certain level of English. It is not always easy to understand Thais speaking English because of the special accent and they will not always understand you while trying to pronounce Thai words because in Thai the intonation in the speaking is important.
If you will try to converse in English with locals who are not in the tourist business, it will all depend on their level of education. Young Thais in Bangkok do speak English although they are much better at writing and reading than at oral speaking.
In Bangkok most of the important signs are written in English (like signs in the metro, names of the streets etc).

Where Can I find a Book Guide about Bangkok ?

See Bangkok Book Guides in Amazon (Lonely Planet, Eyewitness…).
Amazon can send you the guide worldwide.

How long does Bangkok exist ?

At least 500 years. You can read more about the history of Bangkok here in Wikipedia.

What to Pack for the trip to Thailand ?

First, remember that it is hot in Thailand, so there is no need to bring winter clothes. Second, you should realise that Thailand is a great manufacturer of textile and a heaven for shopping, so the more you leave space in your suitcase, the better. These items may be useful for the trip.

Where can I find a Swimming Pool in Bangkok ?

3 options :
Hotels : Many hotels in Bangkok have a swimming pool and most of them, don’t accept persons who are not staying in the hotel. Budget hotels are more likely to accept non guests (with an entrance fee). If you are living in the Khaosan area (the backpacker’s zone) see this page.
Luxury hotels, have nice swimming pools but if you will ask at the reception, they will almost always say that non guests cannot use the pool. I have heard about tourists who go to the bar or restaurant beside the hotel pool, they are ordering a meal and then entering the water.
Public pools :  In the Sukhumvit area, there is a good public pool at the skytrain station : Phrom Phong (beside Asok). The swimming pool is located at the rear of Benjasiri park (very nice park), which is right at the exit of the skytrain station, beside the Emporium mall.
poolThe entry price is very low (15 baht) but you will need first to do a pool membership and for that you will need to bring 2 photos, a photocopy of the passport and an authorization from a doctor that you are fit for practicing sports. Don’t worry, it is easy and cheap to do. Another issue is that you are limited in time inside the pool : There are time slots of around 1 hour each. They want people to come to swim and not to lie in the sun, all day.
From my experience, the pool is good and not crowded. The length is 25 meters.
Gyms : Some modern gyms located in town center, have a (small) pool, but they will make you pay for using all the gym facilities and not only the pool. A one day entry, without membership, is relatively expensive in these clubs.
For example, there is EmQuartier fitness club, inside the EmQuartier mall, skytrain station : Phrom Phong.

Where can I see Videos with Bangkok scenery ?

Video: KhaoSan road in the afternoon
Video: Khaosan road at night
Video: Rambuttri street
Video: Sail on Chao Phraya river
Video: Sail on Khlong Saen Saeb Canal
Video: Bus ride from Khaosan road to Bangkok center
Video: Ride on the Sky-Train of Bangkok
Video: Visit in the Grand palace
Video: Visit at Wat Arun
Video: Visit at Wat Saket
Video: A walk in China town
Video: A visit at the Snake farm
Video: Video of Erawan shrine Bangkok
Video: Video of a Muay Thai Box fight in front of the MBK mall
Video: Video: Bachata demo at La Rueda Salsa Club Bangkok
Video: Songkran Water Festival   (recommended !)
Video: A visit at Damnoen Saduak floating market
Video: Train Market filmed from the train (recommended !)
Video: Bangkok main railway station
Video: A flight from Laos to Bangkok Airport

Where can I get more Information about Bangkok ?

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