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Maps – Orientation

Map 1 : Koh Lanta

Map 2 : Interactive Map

  1. Points in Red : Transport
  2. Points in Blue : Tourist Attractions
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What to Visit and Do in Koh Lanta ?

Look at the Maps above for the places mentioned on this page. See How to move in Koh Lanta on the first page.

Right Side of the island

Note that the right side of Koh Lanta is much less populated with inhabitants and tourists than the left side. You will travel on roads that look like this, on the right side of Koh Lanta :

Mangrove area – Thung Yipeng Tourism Community

An area with Mangrove trees and all the typical environment that comes with it (mud, crabs).

The entrance price for just walking on the wooded ramp is 40 Baht (price at the time of writing). It is very pleasant and interesting to walk and see the moving crabs (they appear especially at dusk and when there is water).

Yes, there is a community of monkeys also here. From my experience, they are relatively friendly.

There is also the possibility to make a tour with a boat. You need to pay for that.

A great place to make nice photos.

There is also a restaurant. It is very basic. No cappuccino machine and no Italien chef.

Lanta Old Town

A small town located right on the sea, on the right side of the island. It used to be the main port for trade, now it is just a touristic place.

There is a long pier and it is possible to walk on it

Don’t worry about the boat that you see in the picture. They keep it like that as a tourist attraction. The boat is illuminated in the evening.

During the day, it is hot and the town is very quiet

During the evenings, the town can get animated, especially if it is a feast.

There are several cute bars and restaurants, but no authentic western food.

There is also live music

And food stands.

Pirate Beach – Bottom left side

A special beach to be visited. Located at the very bottom of the island on the right side.

It is a place for drinking and looking at the sea. It is possible also to swim but the beach is without a lot of sand.

This beautiful female cat is pregnant. She lives at Pirate Bay.

From Pirate beach, it is possible to make a trek towards the national park which is located on the left side of the island. Remind : It is not possible to drive between the bottom right and bottom left, there is no road.

Just before arriving to Pirate beach, you will see a school. See location on Google Maps.

And there is fishing activity.

There are also some cafés on the road with view.

Left side of the island

Lanta National Park

Located on the bottom left side of the island. The area is considered a national park, so we need to pay for the entry. It is 200 Baht at the time that I am writing. Unfortunately, there is a huge difference of entry price between Thai people and foreigners.

The highlight of the place is a hill with a view. On top of the hill there is an old lighthouse.

It is easy to climb on that hill. It takes less than 7 minutes.

From the hill, there is a view over the sea

And a view over the beach. The beach is clean and nice, it is possible to swim here.

Apart from the hill, there is a trek that can be made in a forest environment.

The trek takes about 1 hour. It is not difficult. It is a circle trajectory.

There are sometimes monkeys, who come to visit (if they are in the mood)

There is a pond with non dangerous reptiles (but big).

As a bonus, there is a kiosk with ice creams ans smoothies

And there is a huge toilet.

Is it worth to visit the national park ? Yes, but you always wonder, whether they should have collected an entry price. After all, it is just another beach.


Bamboo Bay Viewpoint

There are 3 café-restaurant here with a view over Bamboo Bay.

If you take a smoothie, don’t forget to ask “please, just a little bit of sugar”. Otherwise it may be too sweet for a western taste.

Diamond Restaurant – Nui Beach viewpoint

A popular restaurant with great view (and access) to Noi beach.

They have some good looking cakes here (cakes are not common in Koh Lanta)

The cakes may look good but they are not tasty enough for my French-Italian standards (but acceptable for a Thai island).

Monkeys may come and ask for food. They don’t have a friendly face.

Bakantiang Beach – Viewpoint

If you travel on the road from south to north, just before Bakantiang Beach, you can stop your motorbike and watch the nice beach from above.

National Park – Lighthouse Viewpoint

As I mentioned before, there is a hill at the national park, with view.

Beaches of Koh Lanta

See about the Beaches of Koh Lanta on Page 4.

Koh Lanta Noi

You should visit here on your motorbike, at sunset.
Koh Lanta Noi is the upper part of Koh Lanta, above the river and above the town of Sala Dan. You first need to cross the bridge near Sala-Dan (Siri Lanta Bridge).

After a short travel, you will see the Khlong Mak Pier, that serves as a connection to the mainland. The ferries can carry cars.

The roads in Koh Lanta Noi are in very good shape. They are better than the roads in Koh Lanta Yai.

Koh Lanta Noi is barely inhabited and is barely touristic. The landscape on the sea at sunset is very special.

You can see crabs here. There are also Mangrove trees.

There are some locations where it is possible to park the motorbike and watch the little islands on the sea.

Boat excursions

Boat excursions for an entire day or just a few hours exist in Koh Lanta.

The boat excursions are not as abundant as in Koh Phi Phi, but they exist.

Diving Course

The same as for the boat excursions. This activity is not as abundant as in Koh Phi Phi, but it exists in Koh Lanta.

Elephant Camps

There are 3 elephant camps in Koh-Lanta (in Phuket much more).
Some of the elephant camps allow riding on them and some want to be ethical and only allow interacting with the elephants. Read the opinion of visitors for each place to know what to expect.

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