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Map 1 :  Railay Beach

Map 2 :  Krabi Zone

Map 3 : Interactive Map

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Where to Stay in Railay Beach, Krabi ?

Let’s look at Map 1 :

Railay is the same case as Koh Phi Phi, but even more extreme.

A small place without vehicles. A place where many tourists want to stay and the capacity of the hotels is limited. The prices of the hotels in Railay is therefore higher than in a big place like the nearby Ao-Nang (but, you can never know, the prices are fluctuating all the time on the booking websites).

The distance between the 2 main beaches in Railay is only 350 meters and the walking street with restaurants is in the middle.

With such size, you can choose your hotel in any location in Railay, you will always be at a walking distance to everywhere.

See Hotels in Railay Beach. After you Click, use the Map to find the desired location. Read opinions of travelers for each hotel.

There are of course hotels for different budgets. Some hotels have a swimming pool and some not. Some hotels are bungalows.

I have stayed in the  Hotel :  Rapala Rock Wood Resort. :   A budget hotel. I had a completely new bungalow on a hill.

The fun part was a sort of lift they use for the suitcase. Cool.

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