The main Parks of Bangkok : Lumpini, Benchakitti and Chatuchak + How to arrive


Location of the the Parks :  Lumpini, Benchakitti, Chatuchak

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  1. Lumpini Park
  2. Benjakitti Park
  3. Chatuchak Park

Lumpini Park

It should be your first choice for a Park in Bangkok. It is located in the center of Bangkok, near Silom and at a walking distance from the malls of Siam.

Map : Location of the Park and Metro stations

The main entrance to the park is from the Silom side, but there are other entrances, from all sides.

There is a big lake and it is possible to take a ride on a duck boat

An interesting animal that is swimming in the lake, is this sort of crocodile.

They are not really crocodiles and they are not dangerous. When they are getting too big, they are taken out of the park (who knows where).

These big lizards are sometimes getting out of the lake and then the tourists get excited.

There are also big birds

It is hot and humid in the park. It is better to visit the park before or after the peak of the heat. Anyway, after you finish to visit the park, you can go to cool yourself at the nearby mall, in Silom district.

How to Arrive ?

The park is near Silom area (Pat-Pong). It is also at a 30 minutes walk from the malls of Siam (you better take a one station ride with the Skytrain).

  • Skytrain (BTS) stations :  Ratchadamri or SalaDeng.
  • Metro (MRT) stations : Silom or Lumpini.
  • See Maps at the top of the page.
  • You can see a Metro and Skytrain Map on the Metro page.

Benjakitti Park

This park is relatively new in Bangkok. The extended version of it was inaugurated in 2022.

Map : Location of the Park and Metro stations

Benjakitti Park is located about 1 Km from Lumpini park, so you can visit both of them on the same day.

Benjakitti Park has a “wild” part (a sort of forest with swamps) and an ordered part with a lake

On the wild part of the park, there are several “skywalk” in which it is possible to walk above the swamps, without getting dirty.

There are bicycle lanes in the park

How to Arrive ?

  • Metro (MRT) stations : Khlong Toei or “Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre”
  • See Maps at the top of the page.
  • You can see a Metro and Skytrain Map on the Metro page.

Asok (Sukhumvit road) is at a walking distance.

Lumpini park is nearby (about 1 Km distance). There is an elevated bridge for pedestrians between the 2 parks. You can see the bridge on the Map above.

Chatuchak Park

Tourists tend to visit the Park of Chatuchak, because it is near the famous week-end market (see about Chatuchak market in the shopping page). In order to pass between the Chatuchak market and the Skytrain, you need to pass through the park (if you really insist, you can bypass the park).

Map : Location of the Park and Metro stations

So after the shopping in the market, usually in the afternoon, tourists allow themselves to relax a little bit in the park, before boarding the skytrain or the metro back to the hotel.

There is a lake in the park

Apparently, also kids can find something to do in this park

Chatuchak park is not especially big, but adjacent to it, there are 2 more parks named “Rot Fai park” and “Queen Sirkit park” and these ones are huge, so if you have time, you can explore them, when it is not extremely hot.

The parks in Bangkok are not open at night (there is a fence around them). There are gates with guards for entering and exiting the parks.

Chatuchak park is near an important Transport point. It is near the new train station Bang Sue with the line to the airport Don Muang (see the Airport page).

How to Arrive ?

Located in the north of the city.

  • Skytrain (BTS) station : Mochit
  • Metro (MRT) station : Chatuchak Park
  • See Maps at the top of the page.
  • You can see a Metro and Skytrain Map on the Metro page.

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