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Choui Fong Tea Plantation (Mae Salong area)

Mae Salong is a scenic area with tea plantations.

The main attraction is the Tea plantation of Choui Fong. See location on Google Map or on Map 4, above.

Yes, the founder is Chinese. The plantation exists since 1977.

There is a café for visitors. The café is very modern and the surroundings are beautiful. You will feel good here.

It is a tea plantation so they like to serve tea. Don’t worry, coffee is also available.

There are also good cakes

I wish I could eat more than one cake

There is also a shop, with tea

Great place for photos

More of Mae Salong area

From Choui Fong Tea Plantation, you can return to Chiang Rai or make a trip with your motorbike in Mae Salong area. If you are a little bit tired, it is advised to return to Chiang Rai because the road ahead is very mountainous.

Here is the loop I did with the motorbike

The view while driving is very nice, but there are turns and climbings

There are some “official” view points that appears on Google Map, but there are even nicer views when you simply stop with your motorbike beside the road.

There are more tea plantations with cafés, on the road

But they are not as nice and modern as Choui Fong plantation.

Here I saw burning of crops. It is a big problem for the area of Chiang Mai and also for the neighboring countries. The farmers are burning crops (around April) in order to make the soil more fertile for the next season. It makes a huge pollution in the air. A lot of dust that causes respiratory problems. Some tourists renounce on visiting the north of Thailand during these months.

Chao Por Kew Thab Yang Shrine

On the main road from Chiang Rai to Choui Fong Tea Plantation (the highway) There is this shrine. It is very visible from the road. You can make a pause here. See the location of this shrine on Google Map.

There are nice statues of animals

Also the interior is interesting

Being a vegetarian, this stuff always attract my attention

How to arrive to Choui Fong Tea Plantation ?

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