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The Golden Triangle

It is a point in northern Thailand that is the intersection of 3 countries : Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. See location on Google Maps.

The great Mekong river, separates the countries at this point.
So, at this exact point, a nice promenade was built with signs : “Golden Triangle”. Great for photos.

It is also an area which is known for Opium traffic (at least in the past).
There are 2 Opium museums to visit here (see later) and beautiful views.

The river promenade at the Golden Triangle

People like to make photos here, there are a lot of signs, stating that it the intersection of 3 countries

The river promenade is pleasant. You can drink a coffee and watch the river

There is also a border crossing immigration point

There are shops for tourists

You can buy a T-Shirt with a mention of the Golden Triangle

Apparently, it is also possible to make a sail on a boat

The Mekong river is one of the longest rivers in the world. Almost 5000 km long. It runs through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and southern Vietnam.

The food that I found at the Golden Triangle promenade is not amazing. The restaurants are better in Chiang Rai.

A few kilometers more to the south, it is possible to see, across the river, in Laos, a big city that is being built. My guess is that it is a casino city. People from Thailand are supposed to cross the border and use a legal place for casinos. It is impressive to see the contrast of high buildings in the middle of a countryside region.

The temple above the promenade – Wat Prathat Pukhao

Just above the promenade, there is a wonderful temple. See location on Google Maps.

The view from here over the river is even better than from the promenade.

And there are (again) signs with the Golden Triangle, for the photos.

The temple itself is also very interesting. Here are the feet of a dragon.

A beautiful Buddha

A place to park the motorbike and shops to buy a drink

You can climb to the temple on foot, from the promenade. You don’t need a motorbike.

The 2 Opium Museums

There are 2 museums at the Golden Triangle :

  1. House of Opium Museum
  2. Hall of Opium Museum

See later, which I recommend to visit

1. House of Opium Museum

Located right on the promenade , you don’t need a way of transport. See location on Google Maps.

It is a small museum. Time of visit : around half an hour. Entry price (at the time of writing) : 50 Baht

There are explanations about the history of Opium

There are explanations about the plant itself, the phases of growth

About Opium used in Medicines

There are explanations about the wars caused because of the traffic of Opium

The way people smoke Opium

The tools used for smoking

On the second floor, there are exhibits about the way of life at the Golden Triangle region

Also some explanations about the tribes

2. Hall of Opium Museum

Located 2 Km from the promenade. See location on Google Maps.

It is a big museum. Time of visit around 2 hours (if you will read some explanations).

In fact, the museum is so big, that a driver took me back to the parking at the end of the visit

Entry price (at the time of writing) : 200 Baht

There are some nice multimedia exhibits in this museum

A lot of history, regarding the trade of Opium in Asia, especially by the British Empire.

Explanations about the way China was hit by the trade of Opium and how the opium had ruined its economy.

Explanations about the plant

Even real plants

Instruments for smoking

The museum makes also a lot of warnings about the effect of being addict

Which Opium Museum to visit ?

I recommend to visit both. They are both very interesting and anyway there are not too many attractions at the Golden Triangle, so if you are doing a day trip from Chiang Rai, you have time to visit both. If you are limited in time, then visit the first one, it will take you less than half an hour and it is also located right in the promenade, so you don’t need to drive 2 Km away. The entry price is also cheaper at the first museum. The second museum deals a lot with interesting history and it has some multimedia exhibits.

The Mekong Skywalk – Temple Wat Phra That Pha Ngao

When you are on your way from Chiang Rai to the Golden Triangle (or vice versa), you can pass through this attraction.
Located 14 Km from the golden triangle promenade. See location on Google Maps.

You enter the area of the temple and buy a ticket

Then, you are transported with a sort of Tuk-Tuk (about 10 people on the car), to a nearby area where there is an elevated glass platform with views over the Mekong river.

They provide you large socks in order to cover your shoes and not to damage the glass floor.

The view over the Mekong river is very nice

It is a short visit, there is not a lot to do here. If you are short in time, you can skip this place, there are enough views from the temple above the promenade at the golden triangle – (Wat Prathat Pukhao, mentioned earlier).

How to arrive to the Golden Triangle ?

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