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Leolam Beikvot Ashemesh – (Always following the sun):

By: Sherry

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And here are the lyrics:

Hebrew English
Yom hamim,
Yom ksamim,
Yom tamim
Alahnu im ashemesh
Ba-arov, yom za-ov
Laila tov aya lanu leil emesh
A warm day
A magic day
An innocent day
We walked with the sun
At the end of the day, a golden day
A good night we had last night
Boker kam,
Mul ayam, ey misham
Nihnas ayom ba-sha-ar
Bahalon, etz alon
Ve,vilon niztu be-or ashahar
Morning rose
In front of the sea, from out there
The day entered by the gate
In the window, an oak tree
And the curtain, were lit up by the light of dawn
Chorus :
Ken, ken, ken, ken
Le-olam be-ikvot ashemeshLe-olam be-ikvot a-or
Ashemesh et yomi roshemet
Ve-libi tzipor
Chorus :
Yes, yes, yes, yes
Always (forever) following (after) the sun
Aways following the light
The sun writes my day
And my heart is a bird
Ben adam, kum, nirdam
Lo nadam
Aru-ah she-bathelet
Rosh arem, or karev
Or zorem yashar el saf adelet
A man, gets-up and falls asleep
Doesn’t get quiet
The wind that is in the sky
Raise your head, light is approaching
Light flows straight to the doorstep
Chorus Chorus

Shir a-ava bedoui – (A Bedouin Love Song)

By : Itzhak Klepter

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And here are the lyrics:

Hebrew English
Tziley halil el aholot
shel amidbar, aya shole-ah
Litef u et gufa arah, ve-asufa
tarfa akol
He was sending flute sounds to the sands of the desert
He caressed her soft body and the storm devoured everything
Hadal le-eyot kmo aholot
Ani rotza otha kmo sela
Az ivti-ah, lo lindod shuv, kmo ahol
Stop being as the sand,
I want you as a rock
So he promised not to to wander again, like the sand
Kshe-aruhot oto litfu
Be-oz ahaz be-mot a-o-el
Oznav atam, u lo lishmo-a
lo linshom klal et atzlil
When the winds caressed him
He fiercely clutched the tent pole
He sealed his ears, not to hear, not to breathe the sound at all
Ata navad, lahash midbar
Ata nikvar be-o-el tzar
Ve-akvasim pa-u ba-vadi kmo halil
You are a wanderer, whispered the desert You are buried in a narrow tent
And the sheep bleated in the wadi like a flute
Chorus :
O, o, o, o, kol kore lindod, lindod
O, o, o, o, kol kore lindod, lindod
Chorus :
Oh oh oh oh oh a voice calls: to wander, to wander
Oh oh oh oh oh a voice calls: to wander, to wander
U-kshepartzu ashitfonot
Shahah et kol ma she-ivti-ah
El atzlilim shel ahalil
Oshit yadaim ba-sufa
And when the floods broke out,
He forgot all that he had promised
To the sounds of the flute
He extended his hands to the storm
Be-mehol teruf, bikney asuf
Nishaf shikor, kmo hol baru-ah
Gam asla-im parsu knafa-im
Kmo anafa
In a frenzy dance, in the reeds
He was swept drunk, like sand in the wind
Also the rocks, spread their wings like a heron
U-keshe-hazar shuv al suso
Le-a-amik et mot a-o-el
Al ayeri-ot i be-hutim
Ubetzva-im milim rakma
And when he came back on his horse
To deepen the tent pole
Words, she embroidered on the tent sheets, with strings and in colors
Baruh shuvha boged
Ehoz eitev be-mot a-o-el
Ki gam oti sufa nodedet sahafa
Welcome back cheater,
Grasp firmly the tent pole
Because a wondering storm has also swept me
Chorus Chorus

Kmo Tzipor – (Like a bird)

By : Ofra Haza

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And here are the lyrics:

Hebrew English
Chorus :
Kmo tzipor, nolda la-hofesh
Efros knafa-im li el anofesh
Ki tikvotay bi shavu lekanen
Eshkah yamim lelo margo-a
Emtza menuha, shalvat elo-a
Ve-gam shiray hazru le-itnagen
Chorus :
Like a bird, born to freedom
I will extend my wings, to the vacation
Because my hopes, came to nest again
I will forget days without rest
I will find rest, God’s calmness
And also my songs, are playing again
Bein yediday, al amirpeset
Ani mamash, mamash nirgeshet
Gam be-libi, argish et ashinuy
Etmol a-iti ke-iveret
Ko bodeda, kol-kah aheret
Upeta kmo halom bilti tzafui
Among my friends, on the terrace
I am really, really excited
Also in my heart, I will feel the change
Yesterday I was like blind
So lonely, so different
And suddenly like an unexpected dream
Chorus Chorus
Amshih lashir shirey o-evet
Aharoz milim, pniney mahshevet
Argish sof sof, o, ma ze lihiot
Yamim nilhamti, lo vitarti
Al ye-ushi sof sof gavarti
Al ken, ani bein ame-usharot
I will continue to sing songs of love
I will rhyme lyrics, pearls’ thoughts
I will finally feel, oh, what it is to live
I fought during days, didn’t give up
I have finally conquered my despair
So, I am among the happiest
Chorus Chorus

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