Hebrew Verbs – Page 1

Here are some Verbs in their infinitive form. With the infinitive form you can always make yourself understand (I to want to eat…)

Hebrew English
Le-e-ov To love
Le-ehol To eat
Le-ehoz To hold
Le-esof To gather
Le-emor To say
Le-esor To forbid


La-vo To come
Livdok To check
Livhor To choose
Livkot To cry
Livlo-a To swallow
Livro-ah To run away
Livlom To brake
Livto-ah To trust
Livnot To build


Ligmor To finish
Lignov To steal
Ligrom To cause
Lagur To live (in a place)
Ladug To fish
Lidhof To push
Lidfok To knock
Lidroh To step
Lidros To run over
Lidhot To postpone
Lidog To worry


La-arog To kill
La-aros To ruin
Lizhol To crawl
Lizkor To remember
Lizrok To throw
Lazuz To move
Lizkot To win


Lahgog To celebrate
Lahazor To return
Lahlom To dream
Lahfor To dig
Lahkor To investigate
Lahshov To think
Lahshod To suspect
Lahsof To expose
Legalot To discover
Lahtoh To cut
Lahtom To sign
Le-argish To feel

Lishon To sleep
Lashevet To sit
Lirot To shoot
Laredet To get down
Litzor To create
Lada-at To know
Latus To fly
Litom To taste
Litzbo-a To paint
Litot To make a mistake


Lakahat To take
Lilog To scorn
Lilmod To study
Lilkod To capture
Lilhosh To whisper
Lilvot To borrow
Lihtov To write
Lihos To be angry
Lihbosh To conquer
Lihov To hurt


Le-itakel To bump (at something)
Le-ishaba To swear
Le-e-alem To disappear
Le-ihashel To fail
Le-ihana To surrender
Le-ikanes To enter
Lanu-ah To rest
Le-iza-er To be careful
Latet To give
Lenashek To kiss
Linshom To breath
Lipol To fall
Linol To lock
Linso-a To travel
Linog To drive
Lindod To wander
Laga-at To touch
Le-enot To enjoy


La-asot To do
La-akov To follow
La-anot To answer
La-amod To stand
La-alot To go up
La-atof To wrap
La-azor To help
La-azov To leave
La-avod To work
Lispor To count
Lismoh To trust
Lislo-ah To forgive
Lisgor To close


Litzro-ah To scream
Litzpot To watch
Litzok To scream
Litzod To march
Litzlol To dive
Litzhok To laugh
Liftor To solve
Lifto-ah To open
Lifrosh To retire
Lifgo-a To hit
Liftzo-a To wound
Lifhod To fear
Lifgosh To meet


Likshor To tie
Likro-a To tear
Likro To read
Likpotz To jump
Liknot To buy
Liktof To pick
Likvor To bury
Likvo-a To determine


Larutz To run
Lirkod To dance
Lirtzo-ah To murder
Lirtzot To want
Lirod To shiver
Lirmoz To hint
Lirhosh To acquire
Lirhov To ride
Lirhotz To wash
Lirot To see

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