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See Tourist Information about one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Start with the main page that will give you an idea of the distances and zones to visit. Then see info about the amazing city of Bangkok : The Shopping in Bangkok including the famous Chatuchak week-end market. A survival guide for the famous Khaosan Road (the backpackers zone). See where are the best zones to stay in Bangkok (Hotels), The Transport, climate, visa and more…
Then to the north, to the beautiful cities of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Pai. After that, you can relax in one of islands, in the south or if you prefer the island of Koh-Chang which is closer to Bangkok.
There is also the city of Pattaya with its famous nightlife or the city of Hua Hin if you prefer a more relaxing place.


A site that gives you the necessary information for a first visit in Vietnam. Saigon and Hanoi and the difference between them. Phu-Quoc island in the south. Halong Bay with its special rock mountains. The amazing antique city of Hoi-An. The city of Sapa in the mountains. See also my advised priorities for a visit in case you are limited in time. You will find of course information about the best places to stay (Hotels) and how to arrive to each place.


The European city that has everything : Beaches, Mountains, Culture, Beauty and amazing nightlife. See this amusing overview of Barcelona. You will find info about the attractions of Barcelona (Gaudi monuments, panoramic views etc) and how to arrive to the attractions. How to arrive from the airport to the town center, the shopping that the city offers. The best places to stay in Barcelona (Hotels).


The fun city of Israel. See this amusing overview of the city. Information about the places to visit (mainly beaches and cafés…), the great nightlife, the transport with the new ticketing system. The best Falafel in town and the best Ice-Cream. The best zones to stay in town (Hotels).


A very interesting city to visit. A sacred city for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Information about the places to visit in the old city (the Wailing Wall, the Temple Mount, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre…). Places to visit outside the city center (Israel museum, Holocaust museum), panoramic views. Best zones to Stay in Jerusalem (Hotels), and the Transport.
There is also a page that gives an overview about the places to visit in all Israel (the Dead Sea, Nazareth, Akko…)

What to Pack ? 

The main page of the site contains a visual list that will help you prepare the suitcase before any trip and not to forget anything. There is also a page in which I explain the points to understand before buying a Travel Insurance (health insurance). There is a page about useful products for the trip (products that you can buy from Amazon). There are Travel Tips and Safety Tips.

Learn a Language by yourself

I speak 7 languages (some of them slowly…). If you want to know which languages I speak then change the flag on the top menu. Since I have learnt by myself most of the languages, I can give you some tips about it. You will find here also vocabulary (with audio) and some beautiful songs that I have translated. In case you don’t know: learning a language with songs is the most fun and effective way to learn new vocabulary.

Dancing Salsa

Yes, I dance Salsa. On the main page I explain about the main dances that are popular in the Salsa clubs (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba). There are also very nice videos to watch. On the second page I explain the benefits of dancing Salsa (hint : it is fun, it is a sport and you meet people).

Being Vegetarian

I am Vegetarian for many years. It has become natural for me and I don’t think about it every day. On the first page I share my thoughts about being Vegetarian. On the second page, I write about my friends, the Vegans 😉 and on the third page I give a list of foods rich in proteins, iron and other nutrients, which may be important for Vegetarians.

star If you find incorrect data on this page, like a restaurant that has closed or a big river that has moved or you want to tell me something, please write me to contact.