News websites in Israel – The main newspapers in Israel

Newspapers from Israel

Yediot Ahronot – ynet

The highest selling newspaper in Israel. Also the website version is one of the top sites in Israel. The newspaper is considered center positioned on the political scale.
Link : Ynet in Hebrew and Ynet in English


Considered left positioned on the political scale. A serious newspaper like Le Monde in France and El Pais in Spain.
Link : Haaretz in Hebrew and Haaretz in English

The Jerusalem Post

A newspaper for English speakers (there is also a French version).
Link : The Jerusalem Post


Only in Hebrew. It was founded in 1948 (the date Israel was born). It used to be the most important newspaper in Israel, but not anymore. It is like Yediot Ahronot, in many aspects.
Link : Maariv

The Times of Israel

It is not a newspaper but only a news website. It is a good website. There is The Times of Israel in English and The Times of Israel in French.

Israeli newspapers in foreign languages

There are also daily newspapers in foreign languages serving different communities in Israel.
Vesty is an Israeli newspaper in Russian (there was a big immigration wave to Israel from Russia in the nineties).
Israel heute is an Israeli newspaper in German (it is now only a website).

Israeli TV sites

There are 3 main TV channels in Israel: Channel 11 is state owned and channels 12 and 13 are commercials. In the following sites you can watch them live and also see videos of recorded programs like the news. The sites are in Hebrew.

Israeli TV Channel 11

Link :  Channel 11

Israeli TV Channel 12

Link : Channel 12

Israeli TV Channel 13

Link : Channel 13

The famous satirical program “Eretz Neederet”

Link : Eretz Neederet

Israeli Radios Online

After you click, choose a radio station from the icons at the bottom of the page.

Link : Israeli radios – coolsite

One of the popular radio station in Israel is Galgalatz, operated by the IDF (Israel army).
On your Smartphone, you may find applications allowing listening to Israeli radio stations. Do a search on your application store (Israeli radio).

Tourism in israel

Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem – Info

For Tel-Aviv : Here on langeasy.
For Jerusalem : visitjeru

Official site for Tourism in Israel

It is written in many languages, including english.
Link : Go Israel

Hebrew Language

Dictionary and Translate Online

Use Google Translate.

Virtual Hebrew Keyboard

If you need to write with Hebrew characters but you don’t know how to do it on your computer, then you can use the Google Translate tool.
Choose Hebrew as the language of input (the left side) and you will see a keyboard icon. If you click it, an Hebrew keyboard will appear. After you type your text, you can copy and paste it to other places.

Learn Hebrew by yourself

See on this site, the learn online page.

Transport in Israel

Visit the Tel-Aviv transport page and the Jerusalem transport page for links to the airport site, bus companies and trains.

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