News websites in Spain – The main newspapers in Spain

Newspapers from Spain :

El Pais

The largest paid daily circulation newspaper in Spain. It is like the French “Le Monde” a serious newspaper, the language is not always easy for beginners.
Link : El Pais

El Mundo

The second largest paid daily circulation newspaper in Spain. It has a large audience also in South America.
Link : El Mundo


The third largest paid daily circulation newspaper in Spain.
Link : ABC

Le Vanguardia

A Newspaper from Catalunya (where Barcelona is!). It is in Spanish and distributed all over Spain. There is also a version in Catalan.
Link : La Vanguardia


A newspaper positioned on the left political side. It was once a real newspaper, now only a website.
Link : Publico

20 Minutos

20 minutos is a newspaper that is distributed freely in many countries. The site is good for beginners as it contains short articles and many pictures.
Link : 20 Minutos

Popular Science :

Muy Interesante

A popular Science magazine in Spain. Exist since 1981
Link : Muy Interesante


A popular Science magazine like Muy Interesante.
Link : Quo

TV video sites :

TV España

The state owned group of TV channels. One of the channels can be seen all over the world with a satellite dish or cable. The website has links to videos.
Link : RTVE

The TV program : Españoles en el Mundo

A very good TV program. It includes interviews of Spanish people who are living abroad. Each episode is dedicated to one World destination.
Link : Españoles en el mundo

Radio Online

Radio Cadena 100

This is a popular radio station in Spain, playing only very popular songs (again and again).
Link : Radio Cadena 100 and Radio Cadena 100 player

Spanish Language

Dictionaries and Translate Online

Link : Google Translate
Link : Word Reference

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