Where to Stay in Tel-Aviv ? – The Best Zones for the Hotel in Tel-Aviv

Look at the following Map, with the zones mentioned on this page :

The vast majority of the hotels are located near the beaches, so don’t worry about that. Most of the hotels are also close to the main shopping area of Tel-Aviv and to the city nightlife. There are no really bad neighborhoods to avoid in town, except maybe the central bus station at night, but there are no hotels there.
Anyway, before choosing a place to stay, read opinions of travellers about specific hotels in Tel-Aviv. For Hostels, see later on.

Possible Zones to Stay in Tel-Aviv

1. In the City Center – around Dizengoff square

Look at the following Map, click to enlarge :

map where to saty tel aviv

It is still very close to the beaches , usually not more than 500 meters. It could be for example near the Dizengoff Center mall.

See Hotels in the center of Tel-Aviv and read opinion of travellers.

You can watch a video with Tel-Aviv city center.

1.1  In the City Center – around Rothschild avenue

If you want to live in the most chic avenue of Tel-Aviv, the Rothschild avenue, see the top hotels : Hotel Rothschild 22 or Hotel Rothschild 65, or Hotel Rothschild 71 or Hotel Rothschild 96.

If you want to stay in a good Budget hostel very close to the Rothschild avenue, see the Abraham Hostel (note : there is also an Abraham hostel in Jerusalem).

See Hotels near Rotschild avenue and read opinion of travellers.

2. In the central part of Tel-Aviv, close to the beaches


  • It is close to most places of interest, you could just walk.
  • Close to nice streets like Rothschild, Shabazi etc
  • Close to the main shopping area, around Dizengoff center.
  • Close to Tel-Aviv main nightlife (Rothschild-Allenby intersection) and more.
  • Close to Jaffa.

See hotels in the central part of Tel-Aviv , choose the ones, on the map, that are close to the beach.

3. In the north part of Tel-Aviv, close to the beaches

Look at the following Map, click to enlarge :

map where to saty tel aviv


  • More relaxed compared to the central part of Tel-Aviv (everything is relative, Tel-Aviv is not an enormous busy city like London)
  • Near the Yarkon park
  • Near the Tel-Aviv Port leisure area
  • Near cool beaches like Metzizim

Disadvantage :

  • You will probably need to use some kind of transport in order to enjoy the main city nightlife which is in the center and south of the city. Also during daytime you may need transport because most tourist attractions are in the center and south of the city (You can also walk, of course).

See Hotels in the North part of Tel-Aviv and
Hotels in the port area of Tel-Aviv  (You can read opinion of travellers).

You can watch a Video with the Yarkon park and the north beaches of Tel-Aviv

4. In the South part of Tel-Aviv, close to the beaches

In the very south of Tel-Aviv, on the beach line, there are mainly big, luxurious hotels like David Continental and Dan Panorama.

See hotels in the south of Tel-Aviv ,choose the ones on the map that are more to the south, near park Charles Clore.

5. In the South part of Tel-Aviv, different neighborhoods and Jaffa

Look at the following Map, click to enlarge :

map where to saty tel aviv

Jaffa – Yafo

Jaffa is an old city at the south of the city. Tel-Aviv and Jaffa belong to the same municipality. At Jaffa there is a port, an hill with art galleries and a view over Tel-Aviv. On friday there is a flea market. It is not far from the center of Tel-Aviv, about half hour walk.
See Hotels in Jaffa.


At the south of Tel-Aviv there is the Florentin neighborhood, a place with student spirit. Many bars at night.
See hotels in Florentin.

Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek is a pleasant neighborhood of mainly small houses with red roofs and a lot of cafés, it is where Tel-Aviv began, about 100 years ago.
See hotels in Neve Tzedek.

You can watch : Video of Neve Tzedek and a Video of Old Jaffa.

Hotel Prices in Tel-Aviv

Unfortunately, Tel-Aviv is not a cheap city and neither are the prices of its hotels. Tel-Aviv is ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world (but less than London, Oslo or Tokyo). See here examples of prices you could expect in Tel-Aviv.

Hotel Types in Tel-Aviv

There are mainly 3 types of Hotels in Town :

  1. Hostels, Dormitories, Budget hotels.
  2. Boutique style Hotels
  3. Big and expensive Hotels on the Beach.

Hostels, Dormitories, Budget hotels

There are now some good hostels in Tel-Aviv
See Hostels in Tel-Aviv and read opinions of travelers.

Take note of Abraham Hostel. It is a high standard hostel, located in a very good position, near Rothschild avenue.

If you want to be on the beach, there is 180 Boutique Hostel. It is located in front of the water.

There is a good hostel in the port of Tel-Aviv (the north part of the city). It is called The Spot Hostel. Also in this case, you will be close to the beach.

And if you want privacy but to stay on a small budget, there is a “capsule hostel”, with Pod-style rooms. It is called WOM Allenby. It is close to the beach.

Boutique style Hotels in Tel-Aviv

This is the hotel category that has most evolved in the last years. These hotels are supposed to be with high standards and be an alternative to the big hotel chains on the beach.

To find Boutique style Hotels in Tel-Aviv : They are everywhere in town. fill the required dates and use the filters on the left.
Use filters like: “Hotel facilities”, “users rating”, “area” …

Big Hotels on the Beaches of Tel-Aviv

They are the main skyline of Tel-Aviv beaches.
See luxury hotels in Tel-Aviv.
For example : Hilton Tel-Aviv.

See also the page : What to see in Tel-Aviv in order to get a better orientation of the city, note where are the beaches and shopping centers, it may help you to choose an hotel location.

How many days should I stay in Tel-Aviv ?

Tel-Aviv is not big and it doesn’t have famous monuments that are a “must see” for tourists. On the other hand, Tel-Aviv is a pleasant city to stay with nice beaches, parks, cafés, people and nightlife. I would say that 2 days is a minimum to get the spirit of Tel-Aviv. In 2 days you can do some of these activities during the day and go to the nightlife spots during the nights.

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