Where to do Shopping in Tel-Aviv ? – The Commercial Centers and Markets

Look at the following interactive map :
(malls are marked in blue, commercial streets in red, markets in green) :

The Commercial Centers (the Malls)

See the malls on the Map above (marked in blue).

Dizengoff Center

The most central and cool mall, you can’t miss it if you are walking in the center of Tel-Aviv. See a video.


On Fridays there is a food market with hot ready home made dishes to take away.


Don’t worry, you will find something to eat, the food market is huge. If we are already talking about food, visit also the page about (vegetarian) street food in Tel-Aviv (Falafel, Humus etc…).


There is also a famous little shop called “Lametayel” with travel items. On certain days there are free lectures about exotic world destinations like Nepal, India, South America etc. It is in Hebrew.


Azrieli Center (Azrieli towers)

The second big mall of Tel-Aviv. It is not located near the beach but near the Ayalon highway. Still, you can get there by walking or with a short bus ride.


There is an observation deck at the 50 floor of the building.


TLV fashion mall

Was opened in 2017. It is a medium size mall. It has international marks like Zara and also many exclusive fashion shops.


Yes, there is also a place to drink a coffee, in this mall :


Gan-Ahir mall

Near the municipality building (Rabin square). Medium size mall. It has mostly exclusive shops and is not as popular as Dizengoff Center.


The Markets

See the markets on the Map above (marked in green).

Arts & Crafts bazaar in Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian street

It is located in the very center of Tel-Aviv and it operates on Tuesdays and Fridays.


There are such items in this Bazaar :


Acarmel market

Mainly a food market but it sells also cheap clothing.


Operates every day, except Saturdays.


You can see the market in this Video.

Jaffa (Yafo) flea market

Operates mainly on Fridays. There are also trendy cafés at this market.
You can see the market in this Video.

The Commercial streets and commercial zones

See the commercial streets on the Map above (marked in red).

  • The following streets in central Tel-Aviv : Dizengoff, King George, Allenby and Even Gvirol. They have plenty of small shops.

In the photo, Dizengoff street :


In this photo, Shabazi street in Neve-Tzedek neighborhood, it has some small shops with character.


  • Old Jaffa : The port area, the hill and the flea market. On the hill there are art galleries.
  • Tel-Aviv port : Between the cafés, there are also some stores.
  • Kikar Amedina : It is a very big rounded square and it has mainly exclusive shops.

Leisure areas with shopping

See the leisure areas on the Map above (marked in red).


It means “station” in Hebrew and it was once (before the days of Tel-Aviv) the train station from Jaffa to Jerusalem.
Now it is a leisure area with cafés and restaurants. Mainly active at night.


There are also some small shops, in Atahana.


Located in the south of Tel-Aviv, near the beach, just before Jaffa.
You can see the place in this video (the end of the video).


A covered leisure area, a long passage with cafés and restaurants.
Located in the north of Tel-Aviv, close to the Azrieli towers. During daytime, you may spot soldiers here because there is a huge military base nearby, called Akirya.


Also the outside of Sarona is active, with cafés and some shops, sometimes even music shows and Salsa dancing.


Out of town

See the malls outside Tel-Aviv on the Map above (marked in blue).

Malls in the suburbs of Tel-Aviv:

  • Ramat Aviv Mall : Ramat-Aviv is a quiet northern suburb of Tel-Aviv. The mall has a mix of exclusive and popular shops.
  • Ayalon Mall, Ramat-Gan : Ramat-Gan is the first suburb to the east of Tel-Aviv. Ayalon was the first big mall built in Israel. Now, it is just another mall.
  • The malls of Rishon Letzion city : Rishon Letzion is a southern suburb of Tel-Aviv and it has plenty of malls. In fact, Rishon Letzion is dubbed the mall city of Israel.

What to Buy in Tel-Aviv ?

Israelis are going to shop in Barcelona and Bangkok, so I guess Israel is not that attractive regarding the prices and variety of items. Still, you may find interesting :


  • Casual wear – There are some fashion Israeli brands like CastroFox and Golf. You will find them in every mall.


Are the shops open during the week-end in Tel-Aviv ?

Shops are closed during the Shabbat period, which means from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening. There are some outlet zones, in some suburbs, which are open on Saturday. There are grocery stores, in the center of Tel-Aviv which are open 24 hours a day, including Shabbat.
Big malls are usually open from 9:00 to 22:00, during the week.

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