Vegetarian Restaurants in Tel-Aviv - Falafel, Humus and others

Notes :
1. All the places mentioned on this page are in the very center of Tel-Aviv.
2. These are economic places, without waiters to bother you.
Falafel tel aviv

See this Google Interactive Map, with all the places mentioned here :

On this page :

  1. Best Falafels
  2. Sabih sandwich
  3. Humus
  4. Other excellent (budget) Veg Options in Tel-Aviv


What you need to know about the Falafel sandwich :
  1. FalafelIt is completely Vegan, no animals inside.
  2. The main ingredient of the Falafel (the balls) is Chickpea, which is a great source of protein.
  3. The Falafel balls come inside a "Pita bread" and with salad, and overall, it is an healthy plate. If you want it to be even healthier, ask for the "whole grain Pita" instead of the normal white bread.
  4. FalafelFalafel is known as the number 1 Israeli fast food, but it is popular in all the middle-east. You can find Falafel now in all the big western cities around the globe. As the world is becoming more and more Vegetarian, the Falafel is becoming more popular. 

Which Falafel to choose in Tel-Aviv :

There are hundreds of Falafel vendors in Tel-Aviv and strangely each one differ in the taste (there is more than just chickpea inside). Try to choose a Falafel place where you see locals in line and not just tourists (you know, this is a general advice, for all the universe).
The normal price of a Falafel sandwich is 16 shekels, but I saw it sold even at  6 shekels and it was OK (although the salad variety was limited).

Here 3 Falafel places I like in the center of Tel-Aviv (not only me, these places are very popular) :

The Kosem (it means, "the magician" in hebrew)

The Kosem is right now the most popular Falafel in Tel-Aviv. There is always a queue at lunch time. The flavour of the falafel balls is quite special. As a bonus there are places to sit and also Sabih sandwiches, if you prefer.
Akosem falafel
How to get there ?   
1, Schlomo Ha'melech street. Not far from Dizengoff Center.
See on the Map above (a blue mark). See their Facebook page.

Falafel Rambam - Acarmel market stand

This Falafel is simple and good. It is my favourite in Tel-Aviv.
Acarmel market tel aviv
As a bonus :
1. It is cheaper than the average Falafel in Tel-Aviv.
2. It never made me stomach problems, like some other Falafels.
There is no places to sit, so take your Falafel to the pedestrian street "Nahalat Benyamin" a little bit farther the same street.
Falafel rambam tel aviv
Don't expect fancy options in the salad, it is very basic (but excellent).
If you are already in Acarmel market, you will find also many other foods like Mexican burritos, Venezuelan Arepas and much more.
falafel rambam tel aviv
How to get there ?   
Not obvious at first, but with these indications quite easy.
You have to walk down (there is a gradient) at Acarmel Market and about midway, turn to the left at the little street : Rambam street number 2.
Look at the photo above, you will recognize the stand.
See on the Map above (a blue mark).
You can also copy these coordinates into your Map : 32.068280, 34.768545
Website : Are you kidding ? I'm telling you it's a stand in the market.

Falafel Benin

It exists since 1955. They still give the same special fried potatoes on top of the Falafel sandwich.
falafel Benin
How to get there ?   
2, Tchernichovsky street. Not far from the beginning of Acarmel market and also beside the Sabih Tchernichovsky.
See on the Map above (a blue mark). See their Facebook page.

Sabih sandwich

From the outside, the Sabih looks exactly like the Falafel because it comes in the same pita bread and with salad. In many cases the Falafel vendors are  also selling Sabih.
Inside the Sabih, instead of the Falafel balls, there is :
  1. Slices of grilled eggplant
  2. Cooked potato
  3. Boiled hard egg
As you can see, this is a very complete meal and an healthy one. Also in this case, you can ask for a "whole grain" pita bread instead of the white pita.
If you are Vegan you can ask to omit the egg but never, never ask to omit the grilled eggplants because the staff works very hard to prepare them and they may get offended (Sabih vendors are very sensitive).
Anyway a Sabih without eggplant is not a Sabih anymore.
I usually prefer to eat a Sabih over a Falafel, but you are invited to try and judge by yourself.

Recommended Sabih in the center of Tel-Aviv :

Sabih Tchernichovsky

They are called "Sabih Tchernichovsky" because they are located in this quiet street. Each Sabih is prepared here with a lot of care. It takes them about 5 minutes to arrange the ingredients in each pita and the result is very nice and tasty. This little place is very known in Tel-Aviv.
Sabih Tchernichovsky
How to get there ?   
2, Tchernichovsky street. Not far from the beginning of Acarmel market.
See on the Map above (a blue mark). See their Facebook page.


Humus means Chickpea in hebrew. When we say Humus in israel we usually mean a paste of chickpea not the grains.
So yes, Humus and Falafel are made of the same stuff.
Humus tel aviv
Unlike Falafel, Humus paste is usually served in a plate and not as a sandwich, so you have to sit, but these are modest restaurants, not expensive ones.
The Humus plate usually comes with olive oil, Tehina (sesame paste), "Ful" (Egyptian beans), boiled hard egg and if you want even french fries.
There are many good Humus restaurants in Tel-Aviv, one of them is :

Abu-Dabi Humus

Good Humus + bonus : Reggae music
Abu Dabi humus Tel-Aviv
How to get there ?   
81, King George street. Not far from Dizengoff Center.
See on the Map above (a red mark). See their Facebook page.

Other excellent (budget) Veg Options in Tel-Aviv


A great fast-food style restaurant with healthy and tasty cooked dishes, among them Couscous.
Almost all the dishes are Vegan. Prices are relatively low (around 30 shekels) and there is a free cold water corner.
Here is the famous Couscous :
How to get there ?   
The main restaurant is at 29, King George street. Not far from Dizengoff Center. See on the Map above (a red mark).
See their website.

The home food market in Dizengoff center mall

Each Friday, there is a "Home food market" in the mall "Dizengoff Center".
There are stands which serve hot dishes like Couscous. It is for "take away", so you take your plastic plate and find a place in the busy mall. You will find here many styles of food and many Vegetarian options.
Notes :
1. Dizengoff Center has two parts and the market is located in one of them.
2. On Friday businesses are closing at around 14:00 and that includes the mall.
Home food market Dizengoff center
I recommend the Druze stand, with their special Pita bread.
Druz pita
You can choose for your "Druze pita" very tasty ingredients :
Druz pita
How to get there ?   
Dizengoff Center is an important point in Tel-Aviv .
See on the Map above (a red mark).

Goodness - Veg burger and more (Veg restaurant)

They serve a good Vegan Burger and other good vegan dishes. It is not especially expensive but not as cheap as a falafel sandwich. The water is free.
Vegan Shawarma tel aviv
How to get there ?   
41, King George street. Not far from Dizengoff Center. See on the Map above (a red mark). See their Happycow page.


Cofix tel avivI have to mention Cofix, because it is a great concept. Everything in these kiosks cost 6 shekels. They have sandwiches and some of them are Veg. They have also simple instant hot meals (the ones you add water).
They have natural orange juice (at the season).
There are many branches of Cofix in Israel and they even have a competitor called Cofizz.
Cofix is even beginning to open branches in other parts of the world, but it all started here in Tel-Aviv.
How to get there ?   
There is one Cofix at 47, King George street. Not far from Dizengoff Center. See on the Map above (a red mark).
See Cofix website.

Note : If we are talking about Cafeterias, so in Tel-Aviv there are many of them. Among them Arcaffe and Aroma which are big chains. You can find in these cafeterias many Vegeterian salads and sandwiches.

Anita - Ice-Cream

Yes, ice-cream is food, especially if there are real nuts and almonds inside, like in some flavours.
Tel-Aviv has now good Gelateria. Anita is one of the best.
Anita ice cream tel aviv
How to get there ?   
One of the branches is at 40, Shabazi street, at Neve-Tzedek neigborhood.
See on the Map above (a red mark). See their website.

Even more Veg Options in Tel-Aviv :

If you are looking for more vegetarian options in Tel-Aviv, download into your smartphone the Happycow application. It tells you the Vegetarian restaurants near you, wherever you happen to be in the world.
Visit also my Vegetarian page, on this site, it is about the concept of being Vegetarian.

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