Tel-Aviv - The Tranport in Tel-Aviv City

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Tel-Aviv Metro, Tel-Aviv Underground, The Tube

metro tel avivWe waited for this from the first day of the creation of Israel (1948) and finally it is happening, a first line of underground is being built in 2015, but it will take time.
The estimated date for a first functioning metro line is : 2022 (or 3022).
Meanwhile, you should use the Buses to move inside Tel-Aviv and the Israeli National Train (or buses) to reach the suburbs of Tel-Aviv .

Buses in Tel-Aviv

Bus tel aviv This is the main public way of transport in Tel-Aviv, the service is fine. The indications could be better, there are almost no maps and plans in the stations and sometimes the information is just in Hebrew.
To get Information, you can :
  1. Download to your smartphone the application Moovit (free). It works fine in Israel. The application detects the bus station where you are and tells you which lines are about to arrive. You can also consult bus itineraries. Of course that you need an internet connection on your smartphone.
  2. Ask people around you. Israelis like to help tourists and in many cases they know the bus lines.
  3. See the next section on this page : Important Bus lines in Tel-Aviv. I have indicated bus lines you may need as a tourist, like for going between the north and south of Tel-Aviv or getting to the train and central bus station. It contains also a link to the Map on the official site with all the Bus lines (good luck with this map).
  4. There is also the general bus information site : and The main Bus company for Tel-Aviv area is DAN, you can look at their website for Info or call them : 03-6394444 or *3456
The main Bus company for National travels is EGGED and it has some lines that pass in Tel-Aviv. There are also smaller bus companies operating in town. To go to the Airport, see later on this page.

Important Bus lines in Tel-Aviv

Here are some bus lines you may need as a tourist in Tel-Aviv
Look at the following map, click to enlarge :
bus lines tel aviv
  • If you need to go from the North of Tel-Aviv to the Center of tel-Aviv : Bus 4 (along Ben-Yehuda street, a parallel street to the beach, the thick blue line on the map above)
  • If you need to go from the North of Tel-Aviv to Dizengoff Center (shopping mall) : Buses 5, 72, 172, 39, 239 (along Dizengoff street, another parallel street to the beach, the thick green line on the map above).
  •  If you need to go from Dizengoff street (and Dizengoff shopping center) to the big Central Bus Station (at the south of the city) : Bus 5
  • If you need to go from Dizengoff street (and Dizengoff shopping center) to the central train Station "Savidor Merkaz" and to the Northern Central Bus Station (Arlozorov) : Bus 5.
  • If you need to go from Dizengoff shopping center to Azrieli towers (shopping center) and to Ashalom train station : Bus 63 or 239.
See the routes of these lines on Dan Bus company site. line number 4, line number 5 ...
Look at Dan site for a map with all the bus lines.

How to pay for the bus in Tel-Aviv

ravkav tel avivIn most lines, you can simply pay the driver in cash. Don't be scared when you will see the driver driving while handling the payment procedure, this is normal in Israel.
The Rav-Kav card :
It is an electronic card that you can “fill” with transport tickets (individual tickets, monthly tickets and so on). That way you don’t have to pay cash to the bus driver or use individual paper tickets.
The easiest way to fill the Rav-Kav, is with normal credit, called “accumulated value” or “stored value” (in hebrew : “Ereh Tsavur”). All the bus companies in Israel and the train of Israel and the Tram of jerusalem, recognize the “Ereh Tsavur” which means you can pay with it for all the transports in Israel.
Discount tickets :
When you fill “Ereh Tzavur” into your Rav-Kav card, you get more credit than you actually paid, which means you get 20% discount on the Transports. So it’s better to use the Rav-kav card, instead of buying individual tickets.
There are also other types of tickets that may save you money like a monthly pass.
Where to get a Rav-Card :
In the central bus and train stations. Sometimes, you can get one from the bus driver.
Where to fill Credit inside the Rav-Kav:
Inside the buses: with the driver or sometimes automatic machines.
Online, there is a website in hebrew.
Prices :
The price for a regular travel in Tel-Aviv is around 7 Shekels.
If you are paying with the Rav-Kav card, you can change bus lines within 90 minutes (without paying an extra ticket).

Minibus Service in Tel-Aviv

minibus tel aviv In addition to the main bus companies, there are also minibuses operating on the path of some busy lines. You have to pay cash on these buses, the Rav-kav card is not accepted. Some of the minibuses are operating at night and on Shabat day (Saturday).

Transport at Night in Tel-Aviv

bus tel aviv The regular buses and trains stop to function at around midnight. There are some bus lines operating at night (line number 1 for example). Their frequency is low. For now, they run only during the week-ends and holidays.
See the night buses site (Kavei-Layla), for more details.
Minibuses are operating at night on some lines (line 51 for example) and there are taxis, of course, and the public bike service Tel-O-Fun.

Tel-Aviv Transport on Shabat Day (Saturday)

minibus tel avivUnfortunately, because of some powerful political religious parties operating in Israel, there is no regular public transport running  in Tel-Aviv on Shabat day.
There are some minibuses operating on some lines (line 51 and 66 for example).
There are taxis. There is the public bike service Tel-O-Fun that operates also on week-ends.
The train to the airport is not working. International flights yes but not El-Al company. Restaurants, spectacles and entertainment areas are very active on Shabat. Shops and businesses are closed but you can find grocery products in some places.
Note : The period of Shabat starts on Friday at sunset and ends on Saturday at sunset. The buses will stop to run earlier than Sunset and will resume one or two hours after sunset on Saturday.

Israel National Buses

bus tel avivBuses are the main public transport to reach  different locations in Israel (the Train doesn't reach all destinations in Israel).
EGGED is the main bus company operating in Israel and you can get information on their website or call them:  03-6948888 or  *2800
You can get on a National Bus from one of the two central bus stations of Tel-Aviv.

Tel-Aviv Central Bus Station

Click on the map to see the stations on a Google map :
Central Bus Station Tel-Aviv
There are two central stations. They serve National and Tel-Aviv destinations.
The main central station is at the south of the city inside a big neglected mall. The train has a connection there called "Aagana".
bus  tel avivThe second central station which is much smaller and doesn't serve all National destinations is at the north of the city, it is called Arlozorov bus station. The train also gets there and the train station is called, "Merkaz, Savidor". (See on Map)
You can travel to Jerusalem from both central stations. 

Taxis in Tel-Aviv

Taxi tel avivThe service is good but make sure the taxi-meter is running at the start of the ride.
You can stop a Taxi on the streets or call a station or even download the application
Gett and get a Taxi via your Smartphone (if you have Internet access).
Here are some big taxi companies in tel-Aviv:
Kastel taxi Tel: 03-6991296/8 or *3242 from a mobile phone.
Azrieli Towers taxi Tel: 03-6081333

From Tel-Aviv to the Airport (Ben Gurion International Airport)

Airport tel aviv The International Ben-Gurion airport is situated between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem at about 20 km from Tel-Aviv and 45 km from Jerusalem (See on Map).
In order to arrive to the airport, you can use the train, it operates also at night and the trip takes about 20 minutes. See the train schedule in this Train Company Internet Site.
The train doesn't operate on Shabat (Saturday).
You can also take a Taxi to the airport.
There is not a "shared taxis" service between Tel-Aviv and the Airport (Sherut service), there is such service between the airport and Jerusalem.

Israel National Trains

Train tel avivThey are not super fast as the ones existing  in France or Japan and they are not reaching every part of Israel, but Israeli trains are useful for some destinations like Haifa, the Airport, Beer-Sheva, Natania, Ashdod and some Tel-Aviv suburbs.
See the location of the Train stations in Tel-Aviv.
The Train is not efficient for travelling to Jerusalem and it just doesn't reach Eilat.
You can visit the Israeli Train website for Information about trains and see a Plan-Map with all the National stations.

Tel-Aviv Train stations

Click on the map to see the stations on a Google map :
Train Stations Tel-Aviv
There are 3 train stations in Tel-Aviv but only one railway.
Train tel avivIt means that you can take your train from any Tel-Aviv station because most trains have a stop at all 3 stations. The main train station is called Savidor-Merkaz and all trains have a stop there.
The train stations Savidor and Aagana, have also a central Bus station near them.

Travelling with the Trains inside Tel-Aviv

Train tel avivLook at the location of the train stations in Tel-Aviv. If, by chance, you need to travel inside Tel-Aviv, exactly on the path of the railway, you can get on any train that passes through Tel-Aviv and get off at any of the 3 stations. Just make sure your train stops at the station you need because some of them stop only at the main one (Savidor).

Rent a bike in Tel-Aviv

telofun tel avivGreat way to move in Tel-Aviv.
There is the public service Tel-O-Fun that allows to take a bike in any station and return it in another one. It operates also at night and on week-ends. You can pay with an international credit card.
There are also private bike shops, of course.

Rent an Electric Bike or Moto in Tel-Aviv

electric bike tel avivTel-Aviv is full of electric bikes on the roads and the sidewalks. There are also many bike shops and in some of them you can rent an Electric bike.
These shops are a little bit everywhere in Tel-Aviv.
You can also rent a real moto in MotoGo.

Rent a Car in Tel-Aviv

rent a car tel avivYou can rent a car in Tel-Aviv from one of the car rental companies like : Sixt, Budget, Eldan, Europcar, Avis, Thrifty.
There are some agencies in Ayarkon street, (the first parallel street to the sea) and at the airport, of course.
If you are going to stay only in Tel-Aviv it is not advised to use a car.
If you are going to make one day trips to other cities like Jerusalem and Haifa, you also don't need a car.
You may need a car if you are going to tour Israel and visit the Dead Sea, the Galilee, Eilat, Kibutz etc.

Tourist Bus in Tel-Aviv

tourist bus tel avivYes, there is one. It will take you for a tour in Tel-Aviv and Jaffa. See:
Panoramic Touristic Bus Internet Site for details.

How to go from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem city ?

JerusalemJerusalem is at just 65 Km from Tel-Aviv. The fastest way to arrive to Jerusalem with the public transport is by taking the Bus from one of the two bus central stations of Tel-Aviv. The journey takes about 50 minutes. Once you arrive to the central station of Jerusalem you can use the "light train" to get to the city center and the old city (about 15 minutes).
By Train - In these days a new railway is being built between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem but it will take a few years to be operational, for now there is an old railway with nice scenery but the journey takes almost 2 hours and you arrive to another part of Jerusalem (Malka mall), so if you want to arrive fast to Jerusalem, take a Bus.
Visit the site for details about Sightseeings, Transport etc.

How to go from Tel-Aviv to Haifa city ?

HaifaVisit the page about Haifa, on this site.
Haifa is at 100 Km to the north of Tel-Aviv and the best way to get there is by Train, it takes one hour and the frequency of the trains is fine. The train stops at several stations in Tel-Aviv. Once you arrive to Haifa with the train, you can get down at the main station "Haifa Center" and then take the funicular (Carmelit) to climb the Carmel mountain. You will get a great view over the city and you can visit the amazing Baai Gardens.
You can also travel to Haifa by Bus, it takes also one hour. You can get on a bus for Haifa in one of the two bus central stations of Tel-Aviv.

How to go from Tel-Aviv to Eilat city ?

planesEilat is at 350 Km from Tel-Aviv, it the most southern city of Israel.
There is No train to Eilat (there are always plans...).
You can take a Bus to Eilat for about 5 hours (there is also a night bus). You should better reserve your bus ticket to Eilat (by phone or at the central bus station).
You can also take a short flight to Eilat (30 minutes).

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