Cali, Colombia – Maps

Salsa Schools in Cali, Colombia

El Manicero, Son de Luz, Swing Latino, Rucafé, Salsa viva

Salsa Clubs in Cali Center, Colombia

Tin Tin Deo, La Topa Tolondra, Alameda zone, The Sixth Avenue zone

Salsa Clubs in the suburbs of Cali, Colombia

Las Brisas club in Jamundi, Menga and Juanchito zones

Budget places to stay in Cali, Colombia

San-Antonio zone, Town Center – Caicedo square, Alameda zone, North zone

Vegetarian restaurants in the center of Cali, Colombia

La Casona, Punta Verde, Hindu, El buen alimento, Pita Majita,  Salud Vibrante.

Big malls in Cali, Colombia

Chipichape, Jardin Plaza, Cosmocentro, Palmetto, Unicentro

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