A Visit in Rosh-Hanikra (+ Nahariya) – An excursion from Tel-Aviv

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Orientation – Map

How to Arrive ?

How to arrive to Nahariya ?

With the same train that goes to Acre (see page 2). Nahariya is the last stop of the train.
Travel time between Acre and Nahariya : About 30 minutes.
Frequency of the trains : About 30 minutes.

How to arrive to Rosh-Hanikra ?

The train doesn’t reach this point. You need to get down from the train at Nahariya city (it is the last stop) and continue the remaining 10 Km in another way. From Nahariya, you can take a taxi for 10 Km or catch a bus. There is one bus that stops exactly at the tourist attraction (the cable car to the cave) and another bus that pass near Rosh-Hanikra on its way to some villages in the area. The frequency of the buses is not great (use Google Maps on your smartphone to see the bus schedule in real time). Another way to visit Rosh-Hanikra may be with an organized tour.

Where to Stay ? (Hotels)

Rosh-Hanikra is not a place to stay, is is just a tourist attraction with no hotels.
The distance between Haifa, Acre and Nahariya is short so you can stay in either one of the cities.  Nahariya may be a good option for 1 night. It is a small, cute city with beaches and quite a lot of places to eat. Acre is special for sleeping because the old town is mainly busy during day time (most tourists just arrive to Acre for a day trip). Haifa is a big city.

Or if you are planning to do just a day excursion to this area, you can stay in Tel-Aviv or stay in Jerusalem.

Nahariya City

Nahariya is a medium sized city on the coast (see it on the Map above). There are no special tourist attractions in Nahariya, but the beach is clean and nice and there are many cafés and restaurants + the beach promenade is animated in the evening.

You may choose to make a short visit in Nahariya on your way to Rosh-Hanikra. You can even choose to sleep here in a hotel, close to the beach.

The distance between the train station to the beach is 1 Km and you can walk it in about 20 minutes. There is a big mall near the train station.


Rosh-Hanikra is the northern point of Israel, on the sea. See it on the Map above.
After this point it is Lebanon.
It is an elevated point, so there is a nice view over the coast (towards the south).

Israel and Lebanon don’t have diplomatic relationships, so the border is closed for tourist crossing (there are also no direct flights between Israel and Lebanon). People like to make photos on the border point. You will see a lot of antennas of the nearby military base.

The main attraction of Rosh-Hanikra is a cave (grottos) directly on the sea. You reach the cave with a short ride on a cable car.

There are several tunnels in the cave and they are very easy to visit. It is a visit suitable for all the family.

The grottos are made of soft chalk rock and they were shaped by the waves of the sea.

The total length of the tunnels is about 200 meters.

You need to buy a ticket in order to access the site. It includes the cable car, of course.

In the times that Israel was occupied by the British Empire (till 1948), there was a train passing through Rosh-Hanikra on the way to Lebanon.

Now, there are remnants of the rail. There is also a TV screen explaining the special ecological system of Rosh-Hanikra.

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