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River boat bkk

The Chao Phraya river goes vertically on the left side of Bangkok.
There is a public service boat that functions during day time. The regular boats have an orange flag, they pass at a frequency of about 15 minutes, they stop at all the main stations and they cost 15 baht (no matter the distance).
In the following map you can see the relevant stations for a tourist :

Chao Phraya river public boat service stations

Important river stations for tourists (orange flag stops):

Chao Phraya

There are also “tourist boats” with a blue flag. They differ from the orange flag boats in this :

  1. They are bigger than the orange boats and some of them have a double deck. Less loaded with people than the orange boats.
  2. They are slower than the orange boats.
  3. There is a guide explaining with a loudspeaker about the monuments on the way (in english, Thai accent).
  4. The frequency of the boats is lower than the orange boats (every 30 minuts).
  5. They cost a little bit more than the orange boats.
  6. They have some extra stops in places with touristic interest (like for example a direct stop in Wat Arun). You can also reach these places by using an orange boat, get down at a nearby stop and if needed cross the river with a shuttle boat.

Chao Phraya

Important river stations for tourists (blue flag stops):

Chao Phraya

Is it worth to take the Blue flag boats ?

I like them, they are more pleasant and relaxing compared to the orange flag boats. I usually board a blue flag boat if I don’t have to wait too much for it (maximum 30 minutes). For some destinations like Wat Arun, it is convenient that the blue boat has a stop and you don’t need to use a shuttle boat to cross the river.

Chao Phraya

The “shuttle boats” :

There are shuttle boats that just cross the river from one side to the other. For example in Wat Arun. The price is symbolic.

Chao Phraya

More flags on boats

There are also boats with a green flag and others with yellow flag. These boats are less interesting for tourists, but here is a map:
Click to Zoom :

Chao Phraya river public boat service all flags

You can zoom also on this map :

Chao Phraya river public boat service all flags


To go to Asiatique entertainment complex (a leisure area active in the evenings):

It is very easy with the boat service, there is a free shuttle boat from central pier (boat pier number 0, skytrain station Saphan Taksin).

boat to Asiatique complex

Extra option

You can visit a day market which is less touristic (orange flag stop):

More boats on the river

  • Long tail boats for private tours (the owners will address you).
  • Evening boats for dinner.
  • Boats giving service to specific luxurious hotels.

Chao Phraya

star In addition to the information on this page, you can use the smartphone applications Google Maps and Moovit, in order to know the right way of transport to your destination. I am explaining about this in the page about the Buses of Bangkok.
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