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Khaosan street sign bangkok

Fast-food of the Khaosan


You will see a lot of these stands in the Khaosan at night. They exist also in the rest of Bangkok but not as much as in the Khaosan, which means that it became a tourist attraction. I have never tasted them, I am Vegetarian.

insects khaosan bangkok


The Pad-Thai is the number one fast-food of the Khaosan. You will find stands of Pad-Thai also in the middle of the night. The Pad-Thai are noodles with vegetables and if you choose you can add: egg or chicken or prawn. You can choose the noodle type. You can add spicy stuff to it.

pad thai khaosan bangkok

Pancakes (or Crêpes)

The Pancakes are the fast-food number two of the Khaosan (after the Pad-Thai). They are sweet and the most popular combination is with Banana and Chocolate.

pancakes khaosan bangkok


Fruits are natural and healthy as anyone knows, but with so many pancakes around we don’t always give them the importance they should get. The vendor will give you the fruit sliced in a little bag and a long wooden chopstick.

fruits khaosan bangkok


The corn in Thailand comes in interesting colors. Some vendors sell them boiled, others fried. They sometime also cut the grains and give it to you in a little bag with a little plastic spoon.

corn khaosan bangkok

Grilled banana leaf filled with sticky rice and Banana

Sometimes it is filled with rice and banana, sometimes with rice and another ingredient. The grilled banana leaf gives a special flavour to the dish.

rice banana leaf khaosan bangkok

Mango Sticky Rice

An interesting combination and a sweet one. I never know if I should eat it as a main dish or as a dessert.

mango sticky rice khaosan bangkok

Coconut filled with coco ice-cream

The vendor opens a (real !!) Coconut, he puts inside two scoops of natural coco ice-cream and add peanuts above. When you finish to eat the ice-cream you can also eat the coconut with the spoon. This nice and healthy thing costs less that the industrial versions at the supermarket.

coco ice cream khaosan bangkok

Green Papaya Salad

You should try Green Papaya Salad while you are in Thailand, it is very tasty. It consists  of shredded strips of this exotic fruit with some tomatoes and peanuts and a lot of secret sauces (for me) that give it a sour, salty, sweet and hot flavor all together. As a vegetarian, it is always a challenge to make the vendor understand that I don’t want the fish sauces, but it’s possible.

green papaya salad khaosan bangkok

Sweet Thai Dessert

And finally, there is the stand with the sweet typical Thai dessert. They give you a bowl with sweet coconut juice and some jelly ingredients that you can choose, among them a sticky black rice. This is good.

sweet thai dessert khaosan bangkok


Orange juice

The most popular juice in the Khaosan (and Bangkok). A small bottle costs just 20 baht. The problem is that many vendors add sugar to it and it turns extremely sweet. I have no idea why sugar is added to natural products.

orange juice khaosan bangkok

Pomegranate juice

It costs the double of the orange juice, but it is very good and I think no sugar is added.

pomegranate juice khaosan bangkok

Coco juice

The vendor opens the Coconut, puts a straw inside and you drink the juice. This is completely natural, with no sugar added, great.
Note : It is very cool to walk with a Coconut, take yourself in picture.

coco juice khaosan bangkok

Eateries at the khaosan

This is a middle way between the take away option and the fancy restaurants with fountains and big Buddhas. Here you can sit and have a tasty meal at a very good price.

eateries khaosan bangkok

I have taken in photo the Menu so that you can choose your plate, but there is no special delivery to your country, you need to come to the Khaosan yourself.

eateries menu khaosan bangkok

Vegetarian food in the Khaosan (Suitable also for animal eaters)

Being Vegetarian can be tough when travelling and the Khaosan zone is the right place to be in Bangkok if you are Vegetarian.
Since the Khaosan is a touristic environment, there is more demand for vegetarian options and many regular restaurants have a Vegetarian section in their menus. There are also pure vegetarian restaurants (see on map).
May Kaidees is a wonderful vegetarian restaurant, even animal eaters are coming to visit this miracle:

maykaidee khaosan bangkok

Do you see the vegetarian MayKaidee rice soup in the following photo ? It has so many healthy ingredients inside, that your body will not know how to deal with them. Everything they prepare in MayKaidee is magic and in much better quality than elsewhere, including the Pad-Thai and Spring-rolls.

vegetarian soup khaosan bangkok

At MayKaidee, they have also a Vegetarian cooking course on the second floor. Just imagine the added value you will get in the Dating Market if you take this cooking course and in addition a Thai Massage course (elsewhere),  You could write in your profile: ” Can cook Vegetarian Thai Food & Do traditional Thai massages”.

vegetarian plate khaosan bangkok

There is another good Vegetarian restaurant in this street, it is called Ethos. They serve Western style Vegetarian food like a Vegie Burger and other interesting plates. And there is a third good vegetarian restaurant outside this street, called Mango. See them on map

ethos vegetarian restaurant khaosan bangkok

Israeli vegetarian food in the Khaosan

Middle eastern food is basically vegetarian and there are several Israeli restaurants in the Khaosan area serving vegetarian options like a Falafel plate. One recommended restaurant is called Shoshana (see on map).

shoshana israeli food khaosan bangkok

In case you don’t remember, this is a Falafel plate. Falafel is basically made from chickpeas:

falafel at shoshana khaosan bangkok

Indian restaurants with vegetarian food in the Khaosan area

India has a long tradition as a Vegetarian nation. A large proportion of the population in India is vegetarian and so it reflects in the menu of the Indian restaurants. There is usually a “vegetarian section” in the Indian menus, some of the restaurants are even “pure vegetarian”. I recommend to take a vegetarian Tali, which consists of several small portions (well, Tapas) of vegetarian food like lentil soup and more. Don’t forget the Chapati bread.

indian Tali khaosan bangkok

The Bakery Konichipan

This bakery is like an oasis in the desert in terms of bread and cakes and it is 98% Vegetarian (Vegetarians are people who eat a lot of cakes and chocolate and do a lot of Sex) (see the bakery Konichipan on the map)

bakery khaosan bangkok

A closer look, so you can understand what I’m talking about. You can sit and have your morning coffee here.

Konichipan bakery khaosan bangkok

Mc Donald’s

The Mc-Donald’s are air conditioned, and this is very appreciated in the heat of Bangkok, even by Vegetarians. There is a Mac Donald’s and there is a Burger-King in the Khaosan area, and they both have a Veggie burger.

mc donalds khaosan bangkok


Be careful with the spicy option in the food. Even though the Khaosan is a touristic environment, from time to time you’ll receive an extremely spicy plate and if you don’t happen to be a robot you will not be able to eat it.
Say: “not spicy, please” when you order.

spicy food khaosan bangkok

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