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Map 2 :

Map 3 :

Is every product on earth, present in this Market ?

The market is so big, that I was asking myself this question. I was wondering if there is any point to shop elsewhere in Bangkok. The answer is (of course) that not everything is available at Chatuchak. The malls of Bangkok offer another experience of shopping with other products. For example: modern electronics, smartphones, clothes from the fashion chains like Zara, Uniqlo etc, all these are not represented in the market.

The Categories of Items

Look at Map 3, above (Click on the Map to expand). On the right side of the Map there is a legend indicating the category of items, that is to be found in each section of the market. Consider this list, only as a general indication because many types of items can be found a little bit everywhere in the market. For example T-shirts are sold in many sections. Bath items are a little bit everywhere.
Here are the categories of items, as they appear in the official Map. The number on the left, is the section where the category of item is to be found (Click on the Map to Zoom):

Animals – Pets

Let me start with this section, because it is very special and you don’t want to miss it. You are probably not going to buy any animal, but it is very interesting to watch. There are 2 zones with animals, see location on Map 2, above. One zone is under open sky, and can be accessed from one of the gates of the Mixt mall.

The well being of the animals : Unfortunately, the animals are kept in small cages and some of them are very miserable. Being a Vegetarian, it makes me very sad. On the other hand, me have to remember that also in Europe, there are all the time reports about cruelties committed in the slaughterhouses (and in the raising of animals in general).

The difference is only that in the slaughterhouses in Europe it is done away from the eyes of the public. So, there is a long way to improve the well being of animals, everywhere on the planet.

So which animals can be seen in Chatuchak market ?

Turtles, Lizards



Beautiful dogs and cats

A lot of cute dogs

If you have a dog or a cat waiting for you at home, you can buy him a present from Chatuchak.

There are many more interesting animals here. You should definitely visit.

The Vintage mall

There are 3 malls (buildings) around the market. See location on Map 2, above. The most special of the malls is the Vintage mall, a building in red and gray.

The entrance :

On the first floors of the building, there are Vintage items.

It is quite interesting to look (some people even buy these stuff).

On the upper floors, there are fashion items for young people (young in spirit).

On the top floor, there is a food court.

With views

On one of the top floors, there is an access to a terrace.

And from the terrace there is a panoramic view over the market.

The other 2 malls

The Mixt mall is new. It is located on the main internal road (the circular road), so it is very easy to access. You will find in it the same type of products that exist in the main market, but in an air conditioned environment. The food court at the top floor is cool.
JJ mall was the king, before Mixt mall was inaugurated. Now, most of the people visit the Mixt mall. Also in JJ mall, there are shops and stands, with the same style as in the main market. See location of the malls on Map 2, above

What to Buy in Chatuchak market ?


This is the product that I buy the most in this market. Yes, 99 % of the T-Shirts are too kitch, but within the remaining 1 % there is still a huge choice. Some T-Shirts are really nice and they are sold at a very competitive price (compared to the fashion chains in the malls in town).

Most of the T-Shirts are in the sections 2, 3 and 4 (see location on Map 3, above), but T-Shirts are also in other parts of the market, for example on the main (circular) road. If you are interested in T-Shirts, look also in Pratunam, the Platinium fashion mall, it is very cheap there, with a tremendous variety.

Items for Smartphone

There are a few stands on the main (circular) road. You can find here a cover for your smartphone, at a very low price.

Bags and purses

There are tons of these stands in this market. Some of the bags are very nice. Again, the price is very competitive.

Bath items – Perfumes

Very popular stands in the market. It seems that many tourists choose to bring this type of item as a present to the people back home.

Handcraft – Small Gadgets

A little bit everywhere in the market. Great for presents.

Military clothes

Military clothes can be found in Section 6 (see location on Map 3, above). This section is dedicated to old clothes and military style equipment.


The price of the Jeans is very low, but there is usually not a proper fitting room, to try them on you. The Jeans are usually imitations and not the regular marks.


There are nice sandals and other types of shoes, but if you want the latest models of the popular marks like Adidas, Nike, Skechers etc, you better go to the malls in center Bangkok.


Buying underwear could be a great bargain. They could cost half the price (or even less) of what you would pay at the regular fashion chains like Uniqlo. You should be very careful with the size. They don’t correspond to any standard.


Located In the north part of the market, above the main road (the circular road). There are less clients in this area. Interesting items.

Old Books

Probably the least popular section of the market.


A temporary Tattoo. Why not ?

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