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Night Time at the Beach

If you thought that the beach is only for the day, you are wrong. When comes the night, the cafés along the beaches are still busy. They have, beside the tables, these lights in form of cones and you can sit close to the water and order anything from the menu, you can also ask to smoke a “nargila” (shisha).


If you can afford to stay in one of these fancy 5 stars hotel that are right on the beach, you are a lucky one. The problem in Tel-Aviv is with the medium range and budget hotels, there are just not enough of them and even these ones are not so cheap.
Visit the page : Where to Stay in Tel-Aviv for an overview about potential zones to stay in town.

Dov - the Domestic Flights Airport

If you see, from time to time, light airplanes flying along the beaches of Tel-Aviv, that’s because there is a small airport very close to the Reading chimney. It is a domestic airport, you can take a flight to Eilat from there.

Nahalat Binyamin- pedestrian only street 

Situated in the south of Tel-Aviv, very animated on Fridays afternoons. There is an Arts & Crafts fair on tuesdays and fridays.
Watch this Video of a Walk in the Center of Tel-Aviv.

Tel-Aviv Surfers

When comes the sea waves, there are surfers in the beaches of tel-Aviv.
And when there are strong winds :

Religious people

Religious people usually prefer to live in a more holy city like Jerusalem, the ones who do live in Tel-Aviv, can get inspired by local customs

Children and Babies

If you come from a western country, you will be surprised by the high number of babies and children that you will see in the streets of Tel-Aviv (and in all Israel). The fertility rate in Israel is high: 2.7 children per woman, compared to less than 2 in the developed countries. The population in Israel is relatively young.


If you prefer dogs, there are plenty in Tel-Aviv.

Street Cats

There are the lucky cats who have an owner and there are the ones who are called "Street Cats". The Street Cats" live in the courtyards of the Tel-Aviv buildings and usually quite well, thanks to some good people who are giving them food. There are so many of them in Tel-Aviv that an administration even considered exporting some of them abroad, but finally they all stayed in Israel.
This one posed for me:


This is not food for birds. It is called "Pitzuhim" and it is sold in every corner in Tel-Aviv. Israelis like to eat these snacks, especially the black and white sunflower seeds and especially while looking at a football game on TV.

Mike's place

There are many places to go out at night but if you are a tourist you may prefer a place where everyone speaks English around you, and that's exactly Mike's place (See Map). It is just next to the U.S embassy on the beach promenade. There are free live music shows each night. Mike's place-Internet Site

French Attack

In August, Tel-Aviv belongs to the French. I guess it goes like this: each year all the Jews of France open a facebook page in which they say: “this year let's go all of us for our vacation to Tel-Aviv” and so they close everything and come to the beaches of Tel-Aviv. The result is that French is heard everywhere.

Israeli Queue

I think it is my duty to warn you: Israelis cannot stand in a straight line while waiting in a queue. The best sociologists have dwelled on this issue without any success. On the positive side, I read that it is because of this undisciplined character that the high-tech in Israel is so successful and innovative.
So remember, if during your visit in Israel someone pass before you in the "line", don't get angry, just remember that you are helping the international high-tech industry.

The Panoramic Touristic Bus

It won’t stop at the Buckingham palace nor at the Eiffel tower but still, the Tel-Aviv panoramic tourist bus will take you for a nice tour of the city with audio explanations in several languages. You can get on and off the bus at any station, the first one is at Tel-Aviv port.
Panoramic Touristic Bus,    Walking Tours,    Segway tours.

Tel-Aviv, The White City

You see the photo? that's why Tel-Aviv is also called the White City. Tel-Aviv is known for its Bauhaus Architecture buildings (In white), the UNESCO even proclaimed Tel Aviv World Cultural Heritage site, for that.
Talking about Culture, there are also some Museums in town.
Now that you know about it, you can return to the Beach.
the white city

Jaffa new Seaside Promenade

Jaffa is situated at the south of Tel-Aviv, they both belong to the same municipality (Tel-Aviv-Jaffa municipality). There is a long term project to make a seaside promenade from Bat-Yam in the south to Hertzelia in the north, something like 30 Km.
In 2010 one more step has been achieved, by finishing a seaside promenade all along Jaffa. (See Map)

Jaffa Port

From 2012, after renovation, the Jaffa port became an attractive zone with cafés, restaurants (fish...) and a small covered market.
Behind the port is the hill of old jaffa where you can find art galleries and historical excavations (Napoleon was here). On Friday mornings there is a nice flea market in old Jaffa.

Rothschild boulevard

Looking for old style and beautiful buildings? You better go to Jerusalem.
Tel-Aviv consist mostly of modern buildings. Still, the south of Tel-Aviv preserves some buildings from the early days of the city. Rothschild boulevard is one of the nicest in Tel-Aviv. (See Map)
Watch this Video about Rothschild boulevard.

Neve-Tzedek area

This is the first created neighborhood of Tel-Aviv. From here the expansion from Jaffa began and turned to what is today Tel-Aviv (See Map). You can find in Neve-Tzedek nice red roof houses and many arts and crafts shops. This is a place with many bars to go out at night. Watch this Video.

Tel-Aviv Map

I have put in the map, 4 marks in order to get oriented:
1. The port entertainment area, the effective northern limit of Tel-Aviv.
2. Old Jaffa- the southern limit of Tel-Aviv.
3. Dizingoff circle- Quite a central spot in Tel-Aviv.
4. Rothschild boulevard- probably the nicest in Tel-Aviv.
(Click here for More Maps of Tel-Aviv)

See Tel-Aviv in a bigger map

Test - Question

Try to answer this question in order to test if you understand Tel-Aviv and ready for your trip :
Which day of the week is the best in order to spot beautiful girls at 14:00, in central Tel-Aviv ?
a.    Tuesday
b.    Friday
c.    Saturday
See the correct answer with explanation.

That's it. Now you know everything (almost) about Tel-Aviv.

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