Haifa - What to Visit ? - A one day trip from Tel-Aviv

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Haifa is just 100 Km from Tel-Aviv and there is an efficient train that can take you there in 1 hour.
Haifa is the "capital of the north" of Israel. It is the third largest city in Israel after Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. It is known as a city with a mixed population of Arabs and Jews living in harmony.
Haifa is built on a mountain, the Carmel mountain. On the bay there is the Haifa port which is the main port of Israel.
The main tourist attraction of Haifa is the Bahai gardens which are big and beautiful gardens administered by the Bahai religion which has its world headquarter exactly here.

Orientation + Maps

Orientation Map From Tel-Aviv to Haifa :
haifa tel aviv map
Haifa is built on a mountain and is divided in 3 levels :
The lower city : the Haifa bay - the port
The mid level city : Hadar - the main commercial street Hertzel + Wadi Nisnas.
The upper city : the Yefe-Nof promenade with panoramic views
Here you can see it on the map :
haifa  map
See also this Google interactive Map with all the places mentioned on this page :

How to go from Tel-Aviv to Haifa

The easiest way is with the train. It takes just 1 hour and the train frequency is about every 30 minutes. You can take the train in one of the 3 train stations in Tel-Aviv (see location on Map), the train stops in all the 3 stations in Tel-Aviv.
The most prominent train station in Tel-Aviv is "Tel-Aviv Center - Merkaz - Savidor".
haifa  map
There are also buses to Haifa, of course. The most natural place to catch a bus is at the Bus Central Station, in the south of Tel-Aviv (see location on Map). If you come from Jerusalem, you should definitely catch a bus because the train journey takes an eternity.

Arriving to Haifa by train

You have to get down at the third station in Haifa, it is called : "Haifa Center - Haifa Merkaz" (see on the Maps above). Before there are 2 more stations called : "Haifa Hof Acarmel" and "Haifa Bat Galim".
haifa  map
"Haifa Bat Galim" station is good if you want to go to Dado beach, the southern beach of Haifa.
"Haifa Hof Acarmel" station is good if you need the Haifa Central Bus Station in order to continue to other places in Israel.
When you get down at the "Haifa Center" station you are in the lower part of Haifa (the sea level), where the big port is located. 

The funicular - The Carmelit

From the train station, walk 200 meters to Paris square, where the funicular station is located  (see on the Maps above).
haifa  map
The first station is called "Paris square". The Haifa funicular is called "Carmelit" (it goes up the Carmel mountain). It has 6 stations. Take it till the last station, called "Gad Ahem".
haifa  map
The Haifa Funicular website.

The Yefe Nof promenade (Louis promenade)

From "Gan Ahem" funicular station, head to the promenade (see on the Maps above). You may pass through the Panorama Shopping Center (a small mall).
(Note : There is a Zoo in the Gan-Ahem garden, in case you have extra time).
The view from the promenade is quite impressive, you can see the Haifa bay, the suburbs of Haifa and the northern border of Israel, to Lebanon.
haifa  map
On the promenade, walk to the left, to the entrance to the Bahai gardens.
haifa  map

The Bahai gardens

These gardens are very nice and prominent in Haifa (see on the Maps above). If you arrive to Haifa by boat, you see them very nicely on the mountain, but you are now on the promenade, upstairs, and the gardens are very nice also from there. They are inscribed as a UNESCO’s World Heritage.
haifa  map
The Bahai is a monotheistic religion (read more here in Wikipedia) and they have in Haifa their headquarters.
You can visit the gardens, but there are strict rules with guards watching that you will not do foolish things like pick flowers.
From the main gate, you can visit only the upper terrace. If you want to visit all the gardens, you have to walk to the left, 100 meters, to another gate and there join a free guided tour.
haifa  map
These guided tours are only at selected hours. They last 40 minutes and some of them are in English.
See the Bahai official site and click the link "walk in tour schedule".

Down to Hadar level

From the "Yefe Nof" promenade you want now to get down the mountain to the middle level, to Haifa city center (Hadar). If you are lucky, and you succeeded to join a Bahai garden tour, you will exit at the lower part of the gardens and from there you can continue by foot to Hadar. If not, then head back to the funicular (Carmelit) or make a detour from the left, through the roads (not recommended, if it is a hot day).
haifa  map

Wadi Nisnas - falafel lunch

Get down at the funicular station : "Aneviim" or "Masada" (see on the Maps above). Head to the left, to Wadi Nisnas which is an Arab Christian neighborhood with one of the best Falafels in Israel (they have won competitions).
haifa  map
Go to the narrow Wadi street and you will find the "Falafel Azkenim" and in front "Falafel Michel".
haifa  map
Try not to arrive here on a Sunday because most of the small shops will be closed, including the Falafels.

Hertzel street

If you walk to the right of the "Aneviim" or "Masada" funicular stations, you will arrive to Hertzel street (see on the Maps above), which is the main commercial street of Haifa, the city center.
haifa  map
It is not really a nice street, it seems people prefer to shop in the big malls of Haifa (there are some in the suburbs).

The lower city

From "Hadar" you can walk down to the lower city (see on the Maps above).
There are some nice pubs with a "port atmosphere" in the lower city.
haifa  map

Back to Tel-Aviv

Take a train back to Tel-Aviv.

Where to Stay in Haifa

In case you want to stay to sleep in Haifa :
If you want to stay in the upper city, in the promenade Yefe-Nof (you want to have nice views in the evening :
See Dan Panorama hotel or nearby ones (click this hotel, choose "show on Map" and you will see the other hotels in the area).
haifa  map
Or :
If you want to stay in the lower city, because at night you want to drink beers in the nice pubs (it is the main nightlife zone):
See Hotels near Haifa port
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You will also see big boats in the lower city
haifa  map
Or :
See all the Hotels in Haifa (read opinions of travellers for each hotel).

Other tourist attractions in Haifa

The Technion - Top Engineering school - Institute of technology

The Technion is one of the top worldwide engineering schools. So, if you have extra time you can come to visit this institute and feel the special atmosphere of the place with the "nerds" taking a break at the cafeteria. Needless to say, it's better to come "in season" when there are students (not when they are on vacation. Technion website.
There is also a university in Haifa, Haifa university.
How to go there :
It is not located in town center or the funicular area. . You need to take a bus from the lower part of the city (near the central train station).
See it on the interactive Map above

Gan-Aem zoo

It was mentioned before. It's not a huge zoo. Go there if you have extra time or children. Zoo website.
haifa  map
How to go there :
With the funicular, the top station "Gan Aem".
See it on the Maps above


Because Haifa is a student city (the Technion), it also have this science museum.
The advantage of this place is that it is not huge like some science museums in Europe, so you may even have time to read some stuff and understand something. Madatech website.
haifa  map
How to go there :
It is located in Hadar, the town center.
With the funicular, the station "Matzada" or "Aneviim". Then walk 10 minutes.
See it on the interactive Map above


If you must visit a Museum in Haifa, there are some.
See this list of museums.

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