How much does it Cost to Visit Tel-Aviv ?

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How much does it cost to Visit Tel-Aviv ?

Israel is in the top 30, in the list of countries, regarding the cost of living. 
Tel-Aviv is the most expensive city in Israel.
In 2017, Tel-Aviv can be compared to the following world cities : Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Los Angeles (United States).
Some prices of products in Tel-Aviv in the year 2017 :

in Shekels
year 2017
In U.S dollars,
(Approximately) year 2017
Falafel sandwich
16 Shekels
4.2 $
A drink with the Falafel
8 Shekels 2.1 $
Big Mac meal at Mac Donald's 35 Shekels 9.2 $
Beer (33 cl) in a bar or cafe
22 Shekels 5.8 $
Cappucino (small) in a coffee chain
11 Shekels 2.9 $
Bus ticket inside Tel-Aviv
7 Shekels 1.8 $
Bus from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem - one way
18 Shekels 4.7 $
Dormitory in a good hostel - one night
120 Shekels 31 $
Double room in a good Hotel - one night
1000 Shekel 263 $
A movie in the cinema - Popcorn not included
35 Shekels 9.2 $
The biggest expense you will have in Tel-Aviv would be the Hotel.
To get a feeling of the hotel prices, look here in Booking. Do a filter of the prices you want with the menu on the left. See my suggestion, where to Stay in Tel-Aviv.
  • You can use XE Currency Converter to get the prices in your local currency.
  • You can use Numbeo to compare the cost of living between many cities in the world (from the menu "cost of living", choose : "cost of living comparison").

ATM in Tel-Aviv

Yes, there are ATMs, and you can withdraw money from them (Shekels) with an international credit card.
The banks involved in the transactions (hopefully, just 2) will take commissions in the process.
In the picture you see an ATM machine beside flowers but usually there are no flowers next to them and they are attached to a bank office.
ATM Tel Aviv

Currency Exchange in Tel-Aviv

It's easy to exchange money in Tel-Aviv. There are many private offices in the town center, around Dizengoff mall.
They don't take a fix commission for the process, but there is, of course, a difference of price between "buy" and "sell", that's how they make a living.
The difference between "buy" and "sell" is fair, you don't loose too much.
(In "La Rambla" in Barcelona, you loose a lot if you exchange money).
Try to bring with you cash from a popular currency like the Dollar or Euro, you will get better exchange rates.
Don't worry too much about frauds, these businesses have a license and they will not jeopardize it with foolish maneuvers. Anyway, they give you a receipt with a printed report (the serial number of the bills). Count your bills.
You may get better exchange rates if you will compare a few offices.
In Allenby street the rates are usually the lowest. If you exchange a large amount, you may get a better exchange rate (negotiate).
Change Money Tel-Aviv

Use ATM or bring cash to Tel-Aviv ?

You need to find an equilibrium between these two.
The ATM are very safe and convenient but the banks charge commissions for each withdrawal.
Bringing Dollars in cash (or other currencies) may leave you more of your money, but it is unsafe because of the risk of theft and loss.
Anyway, you need to bring some cash with you, as a backup, for any case.
Try to stay in hotels that have a safe box in the room or at the reception.
When you withdraw money from the ATM, do it for a medium or large sum because each withdrawal has a fixed commission.
If you are travelling for a short period, you can afford to bring with you more cash than if you are travelling for months.

How to carry the cash during the trip

I recommend this type of Hidden Pocket. You hang it vertically on your belt (yes, you need a belt) and inside your trousers. Nobody sees it and it is very comfortable because one side is made with a soft tissue. There are 2 strong loops, so it is very safe. I have two of these because sometimes I travel for a long period and it gets thick, so I divide the cash and put one pocket on each side. You can buy this hidden pocket on Amazon , they ship it worldwide.
tel aviv

How to stay on low budget in Tel-Aviv

Tel-Aviv is, relatively, an expensive city but you can also live on low budget :
The hotel : You can stay in a dormitory or a private room in a hostel.
Look the page :  Where to Stay in Tel-Aviv.
Food : Look at the page : Vegetarian options in Tel-Aviv. I am describing the good budget places that exist in Tel-Aviv town center.
Transport : Just walk in town. Tel-Aviv is not huge in size.
If you think you may get "tourist luck", you may try to buy a lottery ticket in Tel-Aviv, but I think it's them who are usually gaining in the process.
Lottery Tel-Aviv

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