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More Israeli popular songs:

Od Shabbat - (Another Shabbat (Saturday)):

By: Tipex group

Youtube links to this song : link1, link2, link3

And here are the lyrics:

Boker, tzo-ora-im, erev
Ve-ayom nigmar
Shemesh metapeset
Venofelet, ve-ahshav mahar
Morning, afternoon, evening
And the day is over
The sun is climbing
And falls, and now is tomorrow
Stam kiviti she-tavoy elay
Ve-niftor eize tashbetz
Rak ratziti she-tavoy elay
Ve-nohal tapu-ah etz, o sex
I was just hoping you'll come to me
And we'll solve a crossword puzzle
I just wanted you to come to me
And we'll eat an apple, or sex
Tza-al, bet ve-gimal
Arutz sheva ve-oleh lishon
Clalit, arutz shtaim
Kvalim, od me-at rishon
IDF channel, channel B, channel C
Channel 7 and then go to sleep
Channel Clalit, channel 2
Cable TV, soon is Sunday
Stam kiviti she-tavoy elay
Ve-nishte eize cafe
Rak ratziti she-tavoy elay
Va-anashek otah ba-pe
O mashe-u kaze
I was just hoping you'll come to me
And we'll drink some coffee
I just wanted you to come to me
And I'll kiss you in the mouth
Or something like that
Od shabbat
Od shabbat avra be-sheket
Gam dvika ve-gam honeket
Od shabbat yafa shel kaitz
Shuv avra li biladaih
Another Shabbat (Saturday)
Another Shabbat has passed quietly
Also sticky and also suffocating
Another beautiful Shabbat summer
Had passed again without you
Rogalah, shnitzel, pizza
Ve-husal ayom
Ma-ariv, a-aretz, yedi-ot
La-olam shalom
Rogalah (cake), Schnitzel, Pizza
And the day is liquidated (finished)
Maariv, haaretz, yediot (newspapers) The world is OK
Stam kiviti she-tavoy elay
Ani afshir mima sheyesh
Rak ratziti she-tavoy elay
Yahad nesahek shesh-besh
I was just hoping you'll come to me
I will unfreeze(food)from what there is
I just wanted you to come to me
Together we'll play backgammon
And make love
Chorus Chorus

Siman sheata tzair- (It means that you are young)

By : Gidi Gov

Youtube links to this song : link1, link2, link3

And here are the lyrics:

Im pardesim od meshagim otha berei-ah
Im baleilot ata shikor min ayare-ah

Im ru-ah merhavim be-tzavronha tamid noshevet
Ve-yesh leha kotzim bamakom shebo na-ug lashevet
If orchad's smell still drives you crazy,

If at night you are still drunk from the moon
If the wind is always blowing into your collar
And you have spikes where it is customary to sit
Chorus :
Ze siman she-ata tza-ir
Kmo yom aviv ba-ir
Kmo yom aviv ba-ir
Siman she-ata tza-ir
Chorus :
It means that you are young
Like a bright spring day
Like a bright spring day
It means that you are young!
Im sfat ayam od regila lesandaleha

Im lefamim ata yotze od mikeleha
Im tip tipat hutzpa me-anshama shelha lo paga
Ve-im beinataim lo karu leha le-Aga
If the beach is still used to (visited by) your sandals
If sometimes you get out of your mind,
If a bit of chutzpah is still in your soul

And if still, you have not been called to Aga (non fighting army unit)
Chorus (2)
Chorus (2)
Im od moshim otha shirim vegam gitara
Im tzo-akim leha: Ze no-ar ze , ze brara !
Ve-im od bahurot barehov osot leha einam
Veyesh leha za-av balev velo bein ashinaim
If you are still attracted by songs and guitars
If you are being shout: "Is this youth? It's crap"
And if girls on the street are still giving you the eye
And you have gold in the heart and not between the teeth
Chorus (2) Chorus (2)

Yad be-Yad- (Hand in hand)

By : Ofra Haza

Youtube links to this song : link1, link2, link3

And here are the lyrics:

Im amaim go-ashim
Ve-hayeha ko kashim
Al tipol beruhaha
Bo gale et atzmeha
Rak beha otzma raba
If the waters are turbulent
And your life is so hard
Do not fall in your spirit
Come discover yourself
Only within you, lies a lot of strength
Kema-ayan amitgaber
Yad beyad en shir hozer
Shtei eineha ve-einay
En ako-ah ad bli day
En a-or ba-afela
Like an increasing fountain
Hand in hand is a recurrent song
Your two eyes and mine
They are the endless force
Are the light in the darkness
Chorus :
Yad beyad, im rak titen li yad
Yad beyad nitzad et kol adereh
Yad beyad, im rak titen li yad
Yad im rak titen
Yad beyad le-oreh kol adereh
Yad beyad
Chorus :
Hand in hand if you'll just give me a hand
Hand in hand we'll march all the way
Hand in hand if you'll just give me a hand
Hand if you'll just give
Hand in hand along all the way
Hand in hand
Yad beyad la-o-avim
Ein tikva labodedim
Yad beyad lahayalim
El abait shuv hozrim
Shuv hozrim
Hand in hand for the lovers
There is no hope for the loners
Hand in hand to the soldiers
Returning home again
Returning again
Yad beyad lanidka-im
Atzuvei mabat, to-im
El a-or bamerhakim
El a-or shebamromim
Latikva bahalomot
Hand in hand for the depressed
With a sad look, wondering
To the light in the distances
To the light in the altitudes
To the hope in dreams
Chorus Chorus

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