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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the weather in Barcelona ?

Here are the average temperatures and precipitations:

Max (C)
Min (C)
Rain (mm)

As you can see from the chart, the right months to go to the beach are July, August and even September and June. From May to November the weather is usually pleasant for tourists. Winter in Barcelona is cold but not as cold as the north of Europe. Rain is not a big problem in Barcelona and the sun is often shinning and the sky is blue. Barcelona has a typical Mediterranean climate.

What is the best time to visit Barcelona ?

From May to November the weather is comfortable for the tourist.
July and August is the high season with top prices in hotels and many children, so if you can visit in September and June you will be able to swim at the beach and also have hotel rooms. September has the Mercè feast (around the 24) which is very interesting with street parades and a lot of music.

When is school vacation in Barcelona ?

Like in all Europe: In July, August and during feasts.

When are the feasts in Barcelona ?

Look at this Wikipedia page, at the Catalonia column.

Are shops open during the week-ends and feasts in Barcelona ?

Saturday yes. Sunday no, but there are small grocery shops that are open 24 hours a day and kiosks at la Rambla and the Maremagnum mall which is tourist oriented.

How big is Barcelona ?

Population: There are about 5 million people in Barcelona, but only about 1.5 million in the municipality area, it is one of the most densely populated cities in Europe. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, after Madrid. it is less populated than Paris or London.
Size: Barcelona is quite big (803 km2) but the center is compact and many tourist attractions are within a walking distance in the center. La Rambla street is 1.2 Km and around it are the central zones: Gotico, Born, Raval, Barceloneta (Map). You will probably prefer to use transportation to arrive to La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and Montjuïc.

How much does it cost to visit Barcelona ?

For a great European city, Barcelona has comfortable prices.
Here is a list of common prices in Barcelona in 2017 :
A fast food meal with a drink : 8 euros
Ice cream, 2 scoops : 3 euros
A Capuccino in a coffee place : 2 to 3 euros
Metro, 10 rides (T10) : 10 euros
A Cocktail or other drink in a dancing club : 10 euros
Beer in a tapas bar : around 3 euros
Internet café, one hour : 1 euro
Dormitory bed in a hostel : 15 euros
Private room in a hostel : 30 euros
Entrance to museums and cable cars : 10 to 20 euros each time
Use this Currency Converter to get the prices in your local currency.
Use Numbeo to compare cost of living between cities.

Where are the commercial zones and malls in Barcelona ?

The main shopping area is around plaza Cataluña and more specifically between "Portal de l'Àngel"(Map) and "La Rambla".
See the Shopping page, for details about the commercial zones and malls in town.

How to get to Tibidabo in Barcelona ?

See it here, in the Barcelona Attractions page.

How to get to Montjuïc in Barcelona ?

See it here, in the Barcelona Attractions page.

How to get to Sitges, Montserrat, Girona, Figueres, Lloret de Mar by train?

For Sitges : See it here, in the Barcelona Attractions page.
For Montesrrat : See it here, in the Barcelona Attractions page.
For Girona : See it here, in the Barcelona Attractions page.
For Figueres: See it here, in the Barcelona Attractions page.
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What are the distances from Barcelona to other cities ?

Note : Aerial distance and not driving distances

507 km
135 km
Palma de Mallorca
202 km
Marseille - France
338 km
Perpignan - France
160 km
Paris - France
830 km
85 km
117 km
35 km
Lloret de Mar
66 km
40 km

What is the Flight time to Barcelona ?

From the U.S:  7 to 11 hours.
From Hong Kong:  Around 12 hours.

How can I reserve a flight ticket to Barcelona ?

You can reserve a flight ticket here, on TripAdvisor.

How can I get from the Airport to Center Barcelona ?

The airport of Barcelona is at 14 Km from the center at "El Prat de Llobregat" municipality. There are two terminals: T1 and T2. The new and big one with most flights is the T1. Arriving with the public transports :
Aerobus : It is easy to get to and from the airport with the airport bus (called Aerobus), it takes about 35 minutes to Plaza de Cataluña, the last stop. The airport bus has also a middle stop at Plaza de España. It is a high frequency bus. For the timetable and prices see the Airport Bus Site.
Metro : The L9 line of the Metro of Barcelona arrives to both terminals T1 and T2 (See it on the Metro Map). In order to reach Plaza Cataluña in the center of Barcelona you'll have to change lines and it takes more time compared to the Aerobus. Price : A normal metro ticket, the airport is in zone 1.
Suburban train : The line R2 arrives to terminal T2. If you need the terminal T1 so there is a free shuttle bus between them. The frequency of these trains is about each 30 minutes. You can get on the train in the station Paseo de Gracia (near Plaza Cataluña). See it on the Saburban trains Map.
Price : A normal metro ticket, the airport is in zone 1.
External links :
Barcelona Airport Site
Barcelona Metro site

Where are the Bus and Train Central Stations in Barcelona ?

Trains :  The main railway station is "Sants" (Map). there is a metro station with the same name. From Sants you can go to Madrid in less than 3 hours with the high speed train (AVE).
Buses : The main bus stations are "Sants" (like the train station) and the north station near "Arc de Triomf" (Map).

Do I need a Visa in order to visit Barcelona ?

2015 data: Barcelona is part of the European Schengen area, so citizens of all European union member states are visa exempt.
Many non European countries (like the U.S), don't need to apply for a visa for stays of up to 90 days. More details here.

Where to Stay in Barcelona (Potential Zones for Hotel) ?

See the page : Where to stay in Barcelona, for an idea about the potential zones for the hotel.
For Hostels in Barcelona see here.

Where are the Nightlife zones in Barcelona (for bars and dancing clubs) ?

See the page : Nightlife in Barcelona.

Where can I dance Salsa in Barcelona ?

See the page : Nightlife in Barcelona - Dancing Salsa

What can I do and visit in Barcelona during the day ?

See the page : Barcelona Tourist Attractions.

Do locals speak English in Barcelona ?

Locals in Barcelona speak Catalan as the main language and also Spanish at mother tongue level, they also speak English as a foreign language and sometimes a little bit of French. Workers who deal with tourists do speak English.
Remember that Barcelona is an International city with people from different origins, like French, English, Italians, Germans and many South Americans with Spanish as main language.

How can I find a good Restaurant in Barcelona ?

For Vegetarian fast-food and restaurants in Barcelona - See the page I created.
For general restaurants in Barcelona you can look at this TripAdvisor Restaurant guide.

How can I find Vegetarian food in Barcelona ?

See my page : How to Survive as a Vegetarian in Barcelona.

Is it easy to exchange Money in Barcelona ?

Yes, very easy. There are offices and banks all over the city including at the airport. There are also plenty ATMs from which you can withdraw money and you can pay by credit card in most places.
The problem with exchanging cash in Barcelona may be with the exchange rates. I saw private offices in la Rambla where the difference between buying and selling dollars was 30% ! (It seems Spain has found a way to solve the financial crisis). The regular banks in Barcelona (la Caixa etc...) have better rates than the private offices of la Rambla. Maybe the best is to change to Euros in your country, before the trip.

Can I pay in Barcelona in foreign currency like with the Dollar ?

No. The expected currency is the Euro. You can also pay by credit card. Use this Currency Converter to know the rates.

What is the cheapest way to make International phone calls and get Internet in Barcelona ?

The cheapest way to make International calls will be using a free Wi-Fi network in a café and a software like Skype. The second cheapest option is to buy a local SIM from one of the cell phone operators.  Usually the most costly option will be using your SIM from your own country.
The most prominent cellphone company with a pre-paid option is Orange. You can get a SIM card in one of their shops. The SIM is free but you have to charge it with credit. One of the shops is at 6, Paseo de Gracia, near Plaza de Cataluña, another option is at the 7 floor of the big department store "El Corte Ingles" in plaza Cataluña. You need to bring you passport to get the SIM. You can choose a pre-paid plan that includes Internet access, it is a good alternative to chasing free Wi-fi in the cafés.
There are also Internet cafés in Barcelona (with their own computers) where you can surf the Internet and make International calls with a real phone for a good price.

Which Electric Plug is used in Barcelona ?

The voltage in Barcelona is 220 Volt and the plug is usually a 2 rounded socket but the best is to be equipped with an International plug adapter when you travel. Just remember that the adapter will not convert the voltage, so make sure your electronic device is also suitable for 220 Voltage. 

Is it safe to visit Barcelona ?

Barcelona is a modern and developed city with high standards of hygiene and safety and the homicide rate is normal for a big city. However, Barcelona is known for its high rate of pickpockets who operate in areas with high concentration of tourists like in malls, public transportation, beaches etc.  Usually, the thieves are not violent, you just need to be very alert with your belongings.

Can I drink tap water in Barcelona ?


How long does Barcelona exist ?

At least 2000 years, and you can see ruins from that time in the Barcelona History Museum. You can read more about the history of Barcelona here.

What to Pack for Barcelona ?

I have prepared this Visual Checklist that will help you prepare your suitcase before any trip and not to forget items. It is very useful, use it!

Where can I find a Map of Barcelona ?

Look here.
Also, at the many tourist offices stands in town and even at the big shop "El corte Ingles" at the information they will give you a good free map of Barcelona.

Where can I see Videos with Barcelona scenery ?

Video: Walk along La Rambla
Video: La Boquería market
Video: Park Güell
Video: Magic Fountains show
Video: A night walk in Gracia neighborhood
Video: Celtic - Football club supporters in Barcelona center
Video: Music parade with drums in front of the cathedral of Barcelona
Video: Popular Catalan dance in front of the cathedral palace
Video: Giant dolls parade
Video: Human castles
Video: Las Arenas mall
Video: Salsa Dance at a club

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