Barcelona -  How to Survive as a Vegetarian ?

I can help you with that, I am Vegetarian myself (see my Veg page).
Barcelona is relatively good for Vegetarians. Most people are still eating Jamón for fun, but there are also some good Vegetarian options in town.

Notes :
  • All the places I mention here, are in the town center, most are near the famous Rambla avenue.
  • The places I mention are not necessarily pure Vegan or Vegetarian restaurants but places that offer a good Vegetarian option in their menu.
  • Many places in Barcelona offer a menu deal, with a slight price difference between the middle week and the week-end. All places I have chosen have a menu for less than 10 euros.
First of all, I would like to mention 2 "hot spots" for vegetarian options. These corners have a concentration of good and cheap vegetarian "fast food" like Wok, Piadina, Pizza, Pasta and Falafel. Go there if you want a lot of choice.
  1. Plaza George Orwell (with the narrow street Escudellers). It is a very central place, at the bottom of La Rambla, in the Gottico.
  2. Verdi street at Gracia neighborhood. A cool, student spirit neighborhood. Visit the place in the evening. After you eat, you can sit at Plaza del Sol and drink a beer, on the floor, of course. See Gracia in the attractions page.
See the following Map for all the places mentioned on this page. The 2 "hot spots" are marked with a blue square.

Plaza George Orwell

Let's call it the Vegetarian square, because it has a concentration of Vegetarian options.
vegetalia bcn Vegetalia - This is a good vegetarian restaurant with a full menu for less than 10 euros during the week. There are also tables outside.
Address : 54, Escudellers
Metro station : Drassanes or Liceu
See it in the Map at the top of the page.

There are also two Falafel places in this square :

greec bcn Dionisos is a greek fast food that has pita sandwiches with good Feta cheese.
Address : Escudellers 42
Metro station : Drassanes or Liceu
See it in the Map at the top of the page.

buen bocado bcn Buen Bocado (at the end of the square) has good falafel with eggplant or Humus and many places to sit.
There are two Buen Bocado in the zone.
Address : Escudellers 58 (the big one) and 31
Metro station : Drassanes or Liceu 
See it in the Map at the top of the page.

bcnMacchina Pasta Bar. It is modular. You choose the type of Pasta and the type of sauce. It is owned by real Italians.
There is also one branch in Gracia neigborhood.
Address : Escudellers 47
Metro station : Drassanes or Liceu 
See it in the Map at the top of the page.

There are also several Pizza places in the zone.

Veggie Garden

veggie garden bcn Veggie Garden is like Vegetalia, a nice vegetarian restaurant with a complete menu for less than 10 euros. The main branch is very close to Plaza Cataluña. See their Facebook page and on Happy Cow.
Address : C/ Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 602
Metro station : Plaza Cataluña
See it in the Map at the top of the page.

Falafel places in Barcelona

narin bcn There are a lot of Falafels in Barcelona and they are good, you will find them in every corner, including in la Barceloneta and in Gracia. The shop owners come from different origins : Syrian, Lebanese, Turkish, Curds, Greek (middle east, anyway) and they differ in the way they prepare the Falafel. Most places have also a Shawarma turning in the background, just ignore it.
A falafel alone cost less than 5 euros.
One recommended place for Falafel is called Narin , in the Raval
Address:  Tallers, 80
Metro station : Cataluña or Universitat
See it in the Map at the top of the page.

Carrefour Supermarket - the Salad bar

bcnCarrefour is the only big supermarket in the middle of la Rambla (closer to plaza Cataluña). It is very popular within tourists (and people in general), it is very, very crowded.
At the entrance, there is a stand with salads. You have to take the salad with you and eat it in plaza Cataluña (for instance). Of course, you can buy other vegetarian stuff inside the supermarket but the queues at the cashiers is long.
Address: 113, La Rambla
Metro station : Cataluña
See it in the Map at the top of the page.

Wok to Walk

wok to walk bcn Wok to Walk is an Asian style fast food. It is modular, you choose the ingredients yourself and you can choose vegetarian ones. It is tasty. A menu costs less than 8 euros. The branch in La Rambla is always crowded, it is located near la Boquería market.
Address:  95, La Rambla
Metro station : Liceu
See it in the Map at the top of the page.

Fresc Co

fresc co bcn Fresc Co  is a buffet self-service, all included. It is a chain, there is one near plaza Cataluña. Most of the food is vegetarian.
The buffet costs around 10 euros in the middle of the week. It is good to visit this place when you are very hungry and you want a soup and salads and pizza and ice-cream and fruits and coffee.
Address:  29, Ronda de la Universitat
Metro station : Cataluña or Universitat
See it in the Map at the top of the page.

La Boquería Market

boquaria bcn La Boquería is the famous market in the middle of la Rambla. Most of the cooked food in the market is animals (you can see their shape and face), but there are also places that sell vegetarian filled pies. You can buy in the market also almonds and fruits. It is not specially cheap to eat here but also not expensive. In most stands there is no place to sit, you have to take the food somewhere.
The fruits that are sold in a plastic cup and the natural juices are a good bargain, they cost between 1 to 2 euros. Their prices vary according to the hour of the day and the gate you enter to the market.
Address :Plaza de la Boqueria, Rambla
Metro station : Liceu
See it in the Map at the top of the page.

Tapas Bars

tortilla bcnUnfortunately the Tapas bars of Barcelona, don't offer a lot for Vegetarians. The most notable vegetarian tapa is the Tortilla which is made of potato, egg and onion and you can find it in all the Tapas bars. If you are lucky you may find a second dish suitable for vegetarians, maybe a salad or a Russian salad (potato with mayonnaise).

The Arepa place

arepa bcn Taguara Areperia has several vegetarian Arepas to offer. An Arepa is a sort of pita, made of corn flour. It comes from south America (Venezuela, Colombia) and it is tasty. The place is located at the Born, it is active at night time. It is a place where you are supposed to stand and drink a beer with an Arepa and speak with people.
Price: less than 5 euros for an Arepa.
Address : 10, Carrer Del Rec
Metro station : Jaume I
See it in the Map at the top of the page.


conesa bcn Conesa are right in the municipality place, in the Gótic. They exist in this square since a lot of time.
They make tasty toasts with a lot of onion. They have several vegetarian toasts and one of them is with a veggie Burger, they call it Bio.
Address: 1, Llibreteria
Metro station : Liceu or Jaume I
See it in the Map at the top of the page.

Cat Bar

catbar bcn Cat bar is a place to go out at night. It is a typical trendy barcelones bar for drinking cocktails like the ones existing in the Born neighborhood. They serve Vegan food and especially burgers.
Address: 17, Boria
Metro station : Jaume I
See it in the Map at the top of the page.

The Jamón experience

jamon bcnJust kidding. Don't ask them if they have something Vegetarian, I already did.

Pizza and Piadina :

pizza del born bcnYou can have a Pizza of course. Pizzas are everywhere in Barcelona. I recommend Pizza del Born for the ambience at night. It's a sort of bar, you usually choose several slices of pizza and drink a beer. It's Argentinian, you can know by the brand of beers.
Address Pizza del Born : 22, Passeig del Born.
Metro station : Jaume I
See it in the Map at the top of the page.
Piadina is another fast food you can find in Barcelona (but less than pizzas). It is Italian, from the Rimini region. The vegetarian Piadina can include mozzarella cheese and slices of tomato with pesto sauce.

Special Vegetarian Order :

menu bcnWhenever you see a restaurant with a photo menu that shows a combination of: salad+french fries+meat, you can ask to get instead :  salad+french fries+ eggs and ask for the price. It works for me, it turns out most chefs know how to prepare 2 fried eggs.

I know more Vegetarian places in the center area but they are less interesting for one reason or another so I did not mention them. There are also good Vegetarian restaurants in other zones in Barcelona.

For a full list you can look the TripAdvisor Restaurant guide and do a filter to Vegetarian "Cuisine type", you can read opinion of travellers. See also HappyCow.

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