Barcelona -  Where to go at Night in Barcelona ?

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If you want to Drink Cocktails and Beers :

born at night bcnHead to Paseo Del Born in the Born neighborhood. It's the best place to find a concentration of trendy bars, it is very live at night.
Among the many bars are El Copetin that usually plays latin music, and Crêpe del Born that has loud music and good crêpes as a bonus.
Paseo del Born is a small pedestrian street but there are many more nice bars at the surroundings, don't be afraid to visit narrow streets behind churches.
All the central zones of Barcelona (Gotico, Born, Raval) are full of bars.
In the Gotico, start by a central square like plaza Jaume or plaza Real and you will find bars in all directions.
guru bar at night bcnI recommend two lounge bars close to each others : Guru and Margarita Blue. They are situated in Ample street, you can enter this narrow street from the end of la Rambla.
The lower part of the Gotico (closer to the sea) is more live at night than the upper part.
The Raval (on the other side of la Rambla) is less active at night than the Born and the Gotico, but still you can find life there, especially at the northern part, closer to the Cataluña square.
gracia at night bcnThe Gracia residential neighborhood (above the diagonal avenue) is another place for many bars. It has a student feeling. At night the squares are full with people sitting on the floor and drinking beers. There are also nice small restaurants, many of them orientals. The main street in Gracia is called Verdi and the main squares are : plaza del Sol and plaza de la villa de Gracia.
chiringito at night bcnThe Barceloneta beach is good at summer time. The Chiringitos (kiosks) at the beach are functioning as bars and there are also places to drink in the residential part of the neighborhood.

hotel w at night bcnAt the Barceloneta beach, you can also visit the bar at the top of the hotel W, the big hotel in form of a sail, people go there for the great view, the bar is called Eclipse Bar.

In the non central zones of Barcelona, there are mainly Tapas bars operating at night.

Map : Look for the drop green (green color, balloon shaped) mark on the map at the top of the page for the bars mentioned.

Look at Tripadvisor Barcelona Nightlife Guide for more specific Bars in Barcelona and opinions of travellers.

If you want to drink Guinness and Kilkenny (Irish pubs)

irish pub at night bcnHead to Ferran street (go down la Rambla and turn left), there is a concentration of Irish pubs at the beginning of the street. There, you will find many tourists speaking english and watching football and drinking good beers.

Map : Look for the drop orange (orange color, balloon shaped) mark on the map at the top of the page for Ferran street (Irish bars).

If you want to Dance

catwalk dance club at night bcnHead to Puerto Olympico, on the beach, you will find a concentration of big, famous dancing clubs like : Opium, Catwalk and Pacha.

puerto olimpico dance clubs at night bcnIf you are looking for something more casual, get down at the Marina deck, you will find a row of small, unformal dancing clubs playing summer hits and Shisha (smoking) cafés.

There is also a Casino in Puerto Olympico, in case you prefer to loose money, instead of dancing.

city hall dance club bcnIn the Rambla zone, there is the City Hall dancing club near plaza Cataluña and BLVD club at the end of la Rambla.

jamboree dance club at night bcnAt plaza Real there are some small clubs with live music : Sidecar and Jamboree .

Note : Don't arrive to a dancing club in Barcelona before midnight, because it is not cool to dance alone in front of a mirror (if there is a mirror).

Map : Look for the drop red (red color, balloon shaped) mark on the map at the top of the page for the dancing clubs mentioned here.

Look at Tripadvisor Barcelona Nightlife Guide for more Dancing clubs in Barcelona and opinions of travellers.

If you want to dance Salsa

mojito salsa club at night bcnHead to Mojito and Antilla Salsa clubs. These are the main Salsa clubs in the center of Barcelona.
Like other dancing clubs in Barcelona, also Salsa begins late at night, especially on the week-ends. On Fridays and Saturdays, the night begins with Salsa music but after an hour or so, it changes to popular Latin music style Reggaetons. The experienced Salsa dancers prefer to arrive to the clubs during the middle of the week on wednesdays, thursdays and sundays nights (you know it's not professional when you see girls dancing with their bags).
salsa at antilla bcnThe good thing about Salsa in Barcelona is that there are many Latinos living in town and visiting the Salsa clubs and there are also excellent Cuban instructors at the schools and amazing animators at the parties.
Some nights, there are also free, short classes before the party (sessions of Salsa, Bachata or Shines steps), you'll have to look at their facebook page, to be updated with that Mojito facebook, Antilla facebook.
See my page with explanations about the basic Salsa styles.

Map : Look for the drop yellow (yellow color, balloon shaped) mark on the map at the top of the page for the dancing clubs mentioned here.

Magic Fountains

magic fountains at night bcnSince we are talking about the night, don't forget to see the show of the Magic Fountains at plaza de España, a show with water, lights and music and great view in the background.
The shows are every half hour, starting at sunset.
In winter there are only shows on the week-ends.

Map : Look for the drop blue (blue color, balloon shaped) mark on the map at the top of the page to locate the magic fountains.

Look at Tripadvisor Barcelona Nightlife Guide for specific places to go out at night.

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