Barcelona - How much does it Cost  ?

The Euro

The currency used in Barcelona is the Euro. You can't usually pay with another currency, in town.

How much does it cost to Visit Barcelona ?

For a great European city, Barcelona has comfortable prices. Barcelona is cheaper than northern Europeans cities like Paris and London.
Here is a list of common prices in Barcelona in 2017 :

In Euro
year 2017
A fast food meal with a drink
8 Euros
Ice cream, 2 scoops
3 Euros
A Capuccino in a coffee place
2 to 3 Euros
Metro, 10 rides (T10)
10 Euros
A Cocktail or Whisky-Cola in a dancing club
9 Euros
Beer in a tapas bar
3 Euros
Local Sim card + 5 Giga Internet
20 Euros
Dormitory bed in a hostel - high season
25 Euros
Private room in a hostel - high season 50 Euros
Entrance to museums and cable cars
10 to 20 Euros
  • Use this Currency Converter to get the prices in your local currency.
  • Use Numbeo to compare cost of living between cities.
  • Accommodation : The Hotel in Barcelona is the biggest expense that you will have. In high season there are many tourists in Barcelona and the hotels are expensive and fully booked, so it is better to reserve in advance. See the page : Where to Stay in Barcelona, the potential zones.
  • Food : There is a lot of healthy and cheap "street food" in Barcelona. You can get "combo menus" for less than 10 Euros. Visit the page : Vegetarian options in Barcelona.

ATM in Barcelona

There are a lot of ATMs in Barcelona, and you can withdraw money from them (Euros) with an international credit card.
The banks involved in the transactions (hopefully, just 2) will take commissions in the process.

Currency Exchange in Barcelona

There are private offices and banks all over the city including at the airport.
The problem with exchanging cash in Barcelona may be with the exchange rates. I saw private offices in la Rambla where the difference between buying and selling dollars was 30% ! (It seems Spain has found a way to solve the financial crisis). The regular banks in Barcelona (la Caixa etc...) have better rates than the private offices of la Rambla. Maybe the best is to change to Euros in your country, before the trip.

Pay with international Credit Card

It is very common to pay with a credit card in Barcelona.
You can pay by credit card in places like shops, hotels and for services. Probably, at the Boqueria market they won't accept a credit card for a natural juice at 1 euro.

Use ATM or bring cash to Barcelona ?

You need to find an equilibrium between these two.
The ATM are very safe and convenient but the banks charge commissions for each withdrawal.
Bringing Euros in cash may leave you more of your money, but it is unsafe because of the risk of theft and loss.
Anyway, you need to bring some cash with you, as a backup, for any case.
Try to stay in hotels that have a safe box in the room or at the reception.
When you withdraw money from the ATM, do it for a medium or large sum because each withdrawal has a fixed commission.
If you are travelling for a short period, you can afford to bring with you more cash than if you are travelling for months.
If you are out of ideas and desperate about the money, consider to buy a Loto ticket in Barcelona, maybe you will be lucky as a tourist.

How to carry the cash during the trip

I recommend this type of Hidden Pocket. You hang it vertically on your belt (yes, you need a belt) and inside your trousers. Nobody sees it and it is very comfortable because one side is made with a soft tissue. There are 2 strong loops, so it is very safe. I have two of these because sometimes I travel for a long period and it gets thick, so I divide the cash and put one pocket on each side. You can buy this hidden pocket on Amazon , they ship it worldwide.
There is also an horizontal version of an hidden pocket, one that you don't need a belt. But I personally prefer the vertical version.

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