Bangkok - The Shopping in Bangkok, the Big Malls + Markets

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Shopping in Bangkok is one of the interesting tourist attractions of the city. You may need several days in order to visit all the floors of the big malls in the town center. Don't worry, you will survive, there is also plenty of food and drinks in these malls.
Let's start the malls tour :

The Big Malls around Siam (Bangkok Center) :

You can also see the malls in an Interactive Google map.
Click on this Map to enlarge :
map shopping ratcha
How to get to this area : One obvious possibility is with a Taxi, Tuk-Tuk or Moto-Taxi, just try not to get into heavy traffic in the mornings and afternoons.
With the Skytrain : stations Siam, National Stadium, Chit Lom.
With the public Canal boats : piers 1 and 0
Also with buses.
From the Khaosan area, see here.

You can watch this video in which I am visiting all the malls around Siam.

Let's start with the first mall, the MBK. Then I am continuing counterclockwise to the other malls (see map above)  :

MBK mall

This mall has a "market style". You find in the MBK a lot of stands with T-Shirts, watches and phones and you can bargain the prices. There are also nice and modern shops of many, many kinds.
In the top floors there are cinemas, restaurants and a food court.
Size: very big. It is located right at the skytrain station National Stadium.
See it in this video minutes 0 to 2.30.  See on Map.
MBK internet site
MBK mall bangkok
The MBK mall, inside:
inside MBK mall bangkok

Siam Discovery

From the MBK mall, you can enter Siam Discovery mall from the skytrain level (no need to cross the busy streets). Siam Discovery has very modern shops.
Size of mall: Medium
See it in this video minutes 2.30 to 4.00  See on Map.
Siam Discovery internet site
inside Siam Discovery mall bangkok
At the top floor of Siam Discovery there is a wax museum:
wax museum madame tussauds bangkok

Siam Center

Very nice designed mall with exclusive shops. The food court is relatively small but very nice. Size of mall: medium compared to the giants MBK, Siam Paragon and Central world.
See it in this video minutes 4.00 to 6.20  See on Map.
Siam Center internet site
outside Siam Center Bangkok
Siam Center inside:
inside Siam Center Bangkok

Siam Paragon

This mall is huge and interesting, it has a big department store and many modern shops.
See it in this video minutes 6.20 to 12.54   See on Map.
Siam Paragon Internet site
outside Siam Paragon Bangkok
There is a big aquarium attraction called Ocean World at the underground level.
Ocean world aquarium Bangkok
A court food at ground level and many nice restaurants
Food hall Siam Paragon Bangkok
A gourmet supermarket (at ground level), you should visit it, it is an attraction by itself, you can even find cheese like Camambert. (You will crave cheese after a few weeks in Thailand).
gourmet supermarket Siam Paragon Bangkok
Several big book shops with books in english:
book store Siam Paragon Bangkok
Big Cinemas at the top floor
Cinemas Siam Paragon Bangkok
A nice bowling at the top level:
Bowling Siam Paragon Bangkok
And near the Bowling, even Karaoke rooms that are very popular in Asia :
Karaoke Siam Paragon Bangkok

The skywalk between malls

To go from Siam Paragon to the next mall (Central World) use the skywalk instead of the street, it should take 10 minutes walk.
See it in this video minutes 12.54 to 15.50
Skywalk Siam Bangkok
If you continue a little bit with the skywalk after the Central World center you can see the Erawan shrine from above. This is good to tell your friends that you saw other tourist attractions that day, except the malls.
See it in this video minutes 15.50 to 16.46
Erawan shrine Bangkok
And another shrine, in front of the Central World main entrance :
See it in this video minutes 25.25 to 26.15
shrine in front central world mall bangkok

Central World mall

Another huge mall, you need several days to explore everything in it. There are also cinemas at the top floor and a gourmet supermarket.
See it in this video minutes 16.46 to 25.20  See on Map.
Central World Internet site
central world mall Bangkok
One section of Central World :
inside central world mall Bangkok
Nice restaurants, a little bit everywhere and also cafés with very interesting and colourful sweets.
crepes at central world mall Bangkok
A lot of teddy bears:
teddy bears at central world mall Bangkok
A food court at the top floor. The food courts are present in almost every mall of medium size (and up) in Bangkok.
food court at central world mall Bangkok
In the food court, there is often a vegetarian stand, you won't recognize that the food is vegetarian, you'll have to ask.
Vegetarian stand food court central world Bangkok
There is also an ice skating:
Ice skating at central world mall Bangkok

The Water Canal between the malls :

When you walk from Central World mall to the next one (Fashion mall), you will cross the canal Saen Seap and on the right side there is a boat station.
See it in this video minutes 27.00 to 28.00   See on Map.
More on this type of transport service.
water canal bangkok

Platinum fashion mall

If you want nice clothes at good prices, then this mall is perfect, one of the best places in Bangkok. Unfortunately there are usually no fitting rooms to try trousers. At the top floor there is a food court.
See it in this video minutes 28.00 to 32.00  See on Map.
Platinum site
Platinium Fashion mall Bangkok
Inside Fashion mall :
inside Platinium Fashion mall Bangkok

Pratunam wholesale market

From Platinium fashion mall, If you cross the busy street, you enter the wholesale Pratunam market area. It is huge, there are streets and malls with a lot of clothes. Here, it is really difficult to try the clothes (no fitting rooms) and also the vendors are impatient, after all they are selling wholesale here, they don't have time for you. but if you have patience, you can buy goods at floor prices. There is even a mall dedicated just to T-Shirts under the skyrise Baiyoke hotel.  See on Map.
Pratunam wholesale market Bangkok
You can buy yourself a huge plastic bag for your shopping (and make worry your life partner when you return to your hotel):
Big plastic shopping bags Bangkok

Baiyoke tower

If you walk into Pratunam market, you will see the
very tall Baiyoke hotel. If you are already there, you can take the elevator to the 17 floor and rest there in the nice lobby with a café and a nice view (free, no need to go to the top).
baiyoke tower hotel bangkok

Pantip, the Computer center

It is located at the same side of the street with Platinum fashion mall. A big mall with a lot of computer stuff and cameras. Very special atmosphere, you should take a walk in it. Thailand has very competitive prices for memory components for the computer (like disk on key), because they are produced in
See it in this video minutes 32.00 to end  See on Map.
Pantip website
Pantip computer mall Bangkok
This ends the concentration of malls around Siam, buy I have mentioned only the big ones, you will discover more medium size malls around.
In the main street Sukhumvit there are some luxury malls between the skytrain stations "Chit Lom" and "Phloen Chit" (See the next section).

Shopping along Sukhumvit street :

You can also see the malls in an Interactive Google map.
Click on this Map to enlarge :
map shopping sukhumvit
Sukhumvit is a very long street in Bangkok. The skytrain has a line, right along the path.

The Luxury malls near Siam (Gaysorn, Central Embassy...)

This group of malls are upscale oriented. Gaysorn is good if you want to buy a big diamond to someone and Central Embassy is good if you want to buy Gucci and alike. See on Map.
gaysorn shopping mall
In Central Embassy, at the underground floor, there is an excellent food court named "Eat Thai" with plates from all over Thailand. There is even a vegetarian stand. Prices are low for gourmet food.
veg stand
The other malls : Central Chidlom, Amarin and Mercury are quite regular.
How to get there : They are near the Siam malls, it's possible to walk from the Central World mall. Or the skytrain stations : Chitlom or PhloenChit. See on Map.

Terminal 21 mall

This mall is located just 3 skytrain stations from the Central World mall. Terminal 21 is designed like an airport, it is very nice. As usual, there is a food court at the top, cinemas and a nice supermarket at the underground.
You can get there with the skytrain, station Asok. See on Map.
Terminal 21 website
terminal 21 mall bangkok
You should visit the toilets in this mall, they are designed differently at each floor.
inside Terminal 21 mall bangkok

Emporium and EmQuartier

Two impressive malls, just at the exit of the skytrain station (Phrom Phong).
Emporium is a luxury mall. See on Map.
emquartier shopping mall
EmQuartier has a nice architecture. At the top floors there is a sort of garden and restaurants on an helix structure (like a Babel tower). It has an interesting food court at the underground level.
emquartier shopping mall

North of Bangkok :

Chatuchak - The week-end Market

Chatuchak week end market bangkok
Chatuchak (also Jatujak) operates on the week-ends (Saturday and Sundays), it is one of the largest open sky markets in the world and it is amazing, a must visit.
See this video of a walk in Chatuchak market.
map of chatuchak market bangkok
Click on the map to make it larger.

How to get there : With the Skytrain, station Mo Shit and with the metro (MRT) station Chatuchak park.
With a bus from the Khaosan area see here.
Chatuchak Internet site.

Some Tips about Chatuchak market :

Tip 1 : Do you see the Chatuchak map above ? I have just put it to impress you, there is no way you will find your way in this market on your first day. The clock tower may be a good point of meeting in case you are lost.
Tip 2 : Human natures goes like this: While walking in the market, you will see nice things but you will not be sure if you want to buy them. Half an hour later, you will be sorry not to have bought a specific item and you will desperately try to find its location. You will not find the place, trust me on that.
aisle chatuchakSo how to solve this serious problem? At the beginning of every alley in the market, there is a sign with a row and column number. If you think you may want to return to a certain point, take a photo of the sign with your smartphone.
Tip 3 : I don't know why, but it seems that Chatuchak has its own climate, it is even more hot than the rest of Bangkok. It gets specially tough when you are hungry (and tired) and you see around you only simple stands to eat. A possible solution is to enter the J.J mall which is air-conditioned and has some restaurants and a food-court at the top floor. It's not easy to see the mall, but it is there.
If you are Vegetarian (and even if not) there is a good Vegetarian food-court, very close to the market.
Tip 4: If you are planning to return with the skytrain, buy your ticket in advance, because there are always long waiting lines, in the afternoon.

China town area :

China Town - day Market

Another touristic Market to visit in Bangkok during day time. It is a market with a lot of small gadgets like key rings, bags, watches etc. The athmoshpere is quite unique. There are also Chinese restaurants, which are open also at night. China Town is located between the central train station Hua Lamphong and  the Chao Phraya river. See on Map.
You can get to China Town with the public boat service on the river Chao Phraya, get down at pier number 5.
You can get to China Town with the underground (MRT), get down at station Hua Lamphong.
China Town Bangkok

Along the Chao Phraya river :

Yodpiman River Walk + Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat)

Yodpiman is a structure on the bank of the river with antique style architecture. There are small shops for tourists and a Starbucks coffee.
yodpiman pier bangkok
Behind Yodpiman, there is a covered market with a lot of flowers.
flower market bangkok
Located close to China town. The boats on the river have a stop at this pier (Yodpiman pier). See it on the Chao Phraya river map.

Maharaj Pier

It is like Yodpiman, a structure on the river. No really a place for shopping but more for restaurants and coffees.
maharaj pier bangkok
Located close to the Big Palace, in front of pier 10. The boats on the river have a stop at this pier (Maharaj pier). See it on the Chao Phraya river map.

Wang Lang - Day Market at Pier 10 of Chao Phraya river

It is a nice place. There are coffees and restaurants with a view on the river and there is a market operating during day time with clothes and food. Almost no tourists.
It is very easy to get there with the Chao Phraya river boat service. Get down at pier number 10  (It is between the stations Khoa San road (pier 13) and the Big Palace (pier 9)). Both orange and blue flag boats are stopping at this pier.
Wang Lang Market Bangkok

Nonthaburi local food Market at pier 30 of Chao Phraya river

Nonthaburi market bangkok
Nonthaburi is a local food market, operating during the day, especially in the morning. It is a good place to experience an authentic Thai market. You will probably be the only tourist there.
it is very easy to get to the market with the Chao Phraya river boat service. Take a boat, direction to the north and get down at the last stop, number 30. It takes half an hour or more but it is nice to travel with the boat in the other direction of the river.
Nonthaburi market bangkok

Ratchadaphisek area :

You can also see the malls in an Interactive Google map.
Click on this Map to enlarge :
map shopping ratcha
If you have already explored all the malls of Siam and Sukhumvit and you are addicted to malls, you can come to this area which is full of skyscrapers with offices (and malls).

Fortune Town and Central Plaza

They are two huge malls on both sides of the busy street. One is Central Plaza which is modern with cinemas and nice shops and the other mall is Fortune Town which is computer related.
It is very easy to get there with the underground system (MRT), just get down at "Rama 9" station (not far from Sukhumvit station). See MRT map
fortune town mall bangkok

Esplanade and "The Street" malls

From Fortune Town mall, you can continue by foot to these malls or travel one MRT station to "Thailand Cultural Center" station.
Esplanade is a regular mall, behind it is the nice train night market.
"The Street" is a modern and pleasant mall. At the top floor there is a food court and a place to practice climbing. See on Map.
street mall bangkok

Night shopping in Bangkok

If shopping at day time is not enough for you (the malls usually close at 22:00), there are stands that sell clothes also at night :

Pat-Pong night Market

Pat-Pong is a red district area, it is very touristic, so it became also a shopping point with a lot of stands with T-Shirts, bags etc.
To get to Pat-Pong : see Pat-Pong on Map.
With the skytrain, station Sala Daeng, or with the underground (MRT) station Silom. See skytrain map.
Pat-Pong night market

Sukhumvit street, Nana area

Nana area, is very active at night. The little streets out of Sukhumvit are  called Soi and they are full of bars and clubs, especially Soi number 11. There are also stands with clothes at Sukhumvit.
See Nana on a skytrain map.

Khaosan road

Khaosan road is the backpackers area of Bangkok. It is very agitated, at day and at night. There are many small shops from which you can buy souvenirs and clothes. See the page : Khaosan Survival Guide.
See also : How to get to the Khaosan
khaosan road bangkok

Asiatique entertainment complex - Night Market

There is also the chic new entertainment complex called Asiatique, right on the Chao Phraya river side. Asiatic has many modern cafés and restaurants and also shops. It is active only in the evening.
You can get to Asiatique (in the evening) with the public boat service on the river Chao Phraya. There is a free shuttle boat from pier number 0 (the Central pier, Sathorn, near the skytrain station Saphan Taksin).
asiatique complex bangkok

Train night market - Ratchada  - Rod Fai

This night market is good because it has a bit of everything: places to drink with live music, food stalls and stands to buy clothes.
train night market bangkok
It is hidden behind the mall Esplanade, just at the exit of the MRT station Thailand Cultural Center (see it on the map, above).
There are other night markets in Bangkok, but this one is located near an MRT station, very convenient. It functions every night, except mondays.
train night market bangkok

Information points in bangkok malls:

In all the big malls in Bangkok, there is an information point. The stewards know a lot, you can ask them for instance, where to find a vegetarian restaurant and they will know, they even speak english.
Information point in malls of bangkok

Delivery companies

In Pratunam wholesale market and in Chatuchak market you can find Fed-Ex (and other delivery companies) offices in order to send your purchases directly home and at competitive prices, that way you will not have an overweight on your flight back home. At this point, like most tourists, you may have a thought of becoming a merchant and import things from Thailand to your country and become rich, but you will probably finally return to your normal office job.
International Delivery company in bangkok

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