Bangkok Transport - Chao Phraya river public service Boats

River boat bkk
The Chao Phraya river goes vertically on the left side of Bangkok.
There is a public service boat that functions during day time. The regular boats have an orange flag, they pass at a frequency of about 15 minutes, they stop at all the stations and they cost 15 baht (no matter the distance).
In the following map you can see the relevant stations for a tourist :
Chao Phraya river public boat service stations
(Click on the map to see more stations, click again to zoom.)

Important river stations for tourists :

You can also visit these day markets (less touristic) :
More Cafés and Restaurants with view over the river :
  • Pier Maharaj (near pier 8)
  • Pier 3
    • River City (small commercial center, beside Hilton hotel)
There are also tourist boats with a blue flag. These boats are bigger, less crowded and they don't stop at all stations (they do stop at the main piers like 13,10, 9, 8, 5, 3, 0). They pass at a frequency of about every 30 minutes. The tourist boats cost a little bit more for a single journey. My advice is to take it if the boat happens to be at your pier, and not to wait for the orange flag, crowded boat.
Chao Phraya
There are also boats with a green flag and others with yellow flag. These boats are less interesting for tourists, but here is a map:
Click to Zoom :
Chao Phraya river public boat service all flags
You can zoom also on this map :

Chao Phraya river public boat service all flags

To go to Asiatique entertainment complex :

It is very easy with the boat service, there is a free shuttle boat from central pier (pier number 0, Saphan Taksin skytrain station).
boat to Asiatique complex

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